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Coffee & Pastries

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When I was reading the Inquirer, I came across one article that grabbed my attention: "Too Bean Or Not Too Bean", about a man who has several coffee shops and about all of the coffee shops on the Main Line. Following this train of thought...

  1. I researched "Main Line coffee shops" and ended up here: This made me curious about what the best coffee shops actually in the city were.
  2. I looked up "coffee shops in Philadelphia" and came across an article talking about how a coffee shop in Philadelphia was named #1 on the "Best Coffee in America" list:
  3. I followed up on that, googling the coffee shop (Ultimo Coffee) and found that they also sell bakery items from bakeries around the city:
  4. This made me curious about what the good bakeries were, so I checked "bakeries in Philadelphia" and came across a Top Bakeries list:
  5. I chose one that was relatively close (a couple blocks) to Ultimo and said it had reasonable prices (though it gives no pricing on the website...):
  6. I checked the SEPTA map and from 30th St Station, you can take two subway lines and a short walk to the coffee shop and bakery.

I propose that we have a trip into the city to have some of the best coffee in America and best pastries in Philly, to see if they're really as good as they're said to be.


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I go to Ultimo often. Great coffee. They are connected in some way to a microbrewery. If you go to that neighborhood, you might also visit Passyunk Avenue, which is a hip, bustling neighborhood. The interesting stuff is East of Broad Street, Ultimo is (1 block) West of Broad. The dance company I work at is headwquartered in an old funeral parlor on Broad Street.