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Genes as Selfish?

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This idea of selfish genes continues to puzzle me. I can't help but give genes the benefit of the doubt and believe them to simply be in existence. I don't see how they can be categorized as "selfish" when they are not capable of acting with such intentions in mind. I think ultimately what it comes down to is that these genes, which are so deemed as selfish, are in actuality the genes that are simply more fit. As we have seen in various regards, what it comes down to is who, or what, is best fit to survive and thrive. Survival of the fittest in all respects. Genes are being personified and being qualified with an ability to think and scheme. Something that is not rightly possible. I would argue that dominant and recessive genes also come into play here. Between these two, it would be seen that the dominant gene was the selfish one. Although, what it all comes down to is a matter of random pairing and luck of the draw.


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