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I sat outside earlier this evening. I love the sunlight that time of the day - all golden through the trees.

I'm think about these notes and drawings now - more a stream of conciousness or a "conversation with myself." I am observing myself observing the world. Does this count as observation? Or is it too much like participation?

Several more things:

  1. I am totally fixating on the changes in the weather. Everywhere I go, the season is announcing itself. Part of me resists, and another part is fascinated with the leaves, smells, the cold sunlight - would I recognize these things if I hadn't gotten so used to summer?
  2. the flagged off area - I still don't know why there are flags around it, what they sprayed on the ground to kill the grass, what the plan is for the area? I'm going to email Ed Harman about it.
  3. I'm having trouble staying focused on one thing. So I'm focusing on a lot of very specific things. Sort of.