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Ocean to Fishtown

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1. I read the article entitled ''Gliders' allow look into ocean's depths.' It didn't have much to do with Philly, but it looked very interesting. I'm interested in water and people's interactions with it, so I used that idea to connect the article to Philly.

2. I googled "research activities on the Delaware River," curious to see if there are any research projects going on around the Delaware. Apparently, there's some research on shortnosed sturgeons:

Although this was interesting, it still wasn't quite connecting with the city. 

3. I found the website for the Delaware River waterfront to see if there was anything interesting surrounding the river.

4. I clicked "Events," then looked for events on saturday, because that's the day I have the most time this weekend.  

5. I clicked "Rivercity Festival" because, well, who doesn't love a festival? It sounded playful.

6. I clicked "More Info" to see the site of the Fishtown Rivercity Festival

It turns out that the festival is to celebrate the culture and community in the neighborhood of Fishtown, and the history and vibrancy of the neighborhood itself. Visiting it would be a chance to interact with some real Philadelphians in a really neat area.


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art studios

Artists in the neighborhood will have open studios this weekend.