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Feingold Gallery: A Disability Thing

Feingold Gallery:
A Disability Thing



The design of this gallery is aimed at encouraging conversation involving both immediate and reflective thought, individual and collective. Rather than starting by reading comments of others, please first put your own immediate thoughts in the on-line forum below. This way, we'll all be able to see how much similarity and difference there is in our initial reactions and interpretations of the images. Then go back to see what others have said about this image and add whatever new thoughts you have as a result of that. More general thoughts about the collection of images and/or this exhibit as a whole are welcome in the on-line forum on the exhibit home page.



Anonymous's picture

the picture of the women

the picture of the women floating in the air makes me think of extrordinary highs and angain in the dark on the left but the fact that here she is in the dark represents lows or depression. The room likes disorderly. I sense some strugle in that room cause from the three disorders written in the pic. The chair tells of the seizure the chalkboard and sitting chair represents the problems someone with adhd might have in a classroom setting.

Martin's picture

Not a classroom I could

Not a classroom I could learn in. Is it supposed to be what a "disabled" person experiences?
Ljones's picture

It seems like the empty room

It seems like the empty room feels both warm and frightening. I'm not sure how they managed that, but I feel like I should be getting comfort from the picture, but that it's been distorted so that no comfort is forthcoming.
ryan g's picture

This reminds me of the

This reminds me of the difficulty of defining mental illnesses.  The hopelessness...
mstokes's picture

Fear of the classroom

is the sense I get from this image.  Disability has made the classroom an empty, lonely painful place.  
akerle's picture

I am struck by the isolation

I am struck by the isolation of this individual despite the acknowledgement of a common connection (i.e the well known words on the door and walls). I am also struck by this continuing thread of 'uglyness' and 'fear' - the explicit nature of being trapped within the dark confines of one's own mind and the idea that it is not a nice place to be.
kmanning's picture

Shades down

Disability causes destruction, emptiness. This time though the window looks as though it could be gotten through, the shades are pulled to the light from the inside...
Serendip Visitor's picture



Sophie F's picture

There is some light coming

There is some light coming through the window, perhaps a sliver of hope amidst chaos. There is a sense of isolation in a world of chaos, but there is someone watching over.
ysilverman's picture

Alone, and yet not quite

Alone, and yet not quite infinitely alone. Other are around, can share in some way, are watching over us, even at the very worst of moments, when the pain is greatest.
Riki's picture

Broken and abandoned.

Broken and abandoned.
merry2e's picture

war deprivation...i feel

war deprivation...i feel scared looking at this picture, haunted almost. it feels like childhood. and as though the woman will begin laughing for no apparent reason.
Laura Cyckowski's picture

My favorite picture. I like

My favorite picture. I like the chaos in this picture. I like the duplicate images of the woman’s face within the room. To me it symbolizes a guilt of self-rumination on one’s pain, or a kind of self-absorption, during a period of depression. "It’s a disability thing" means it feels impossible for others to understand one’s feelings.
Paul Grobstein's picture

disability thing comment

One of my favorite images. Not sure why. Seems to be almost a cozy space, with richness/feeling.
Paul Grobstein's picture

Disability thing comment

(posted for a friend)

My empty heart.

bryan's picture

I immediately feel the

I immediately feel the separateness of this room; but the fact that I've been invited to see it lets me feel that there is really warmth here and a willingness to share the experience and the life.

Thank you.

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