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10 minutes of research 3: Yes Men, Ladies Against Women, and the Barbie Liberation Organization

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Flanagan mentions The Yes Men. Here's video of the outcome of one of their stunts.

or here:

During the Reagan administration, which none of the students in this class will remember, women who felt as if their rights were being cut back started a group called LADIES AGAINST WOMEN. They would go to places where the first lady was appearing and they would "protest" against the rights of women, making the positions of those who actually opposed womens' rights look...silly. Here is footage of some of these women at a parade, not in the context in which they usually performed.

Flanagan does not mention the Barbie Liberation Organization, but she might have. A number of activist/artists, working in secret, attained possession of Barbie Dolls and G.I. Joe Dolls (American soldier dolls for boys) and switched their voiceboxes, after which, thety re-boxed them and put them on store shelves. So lots of little girls got Barbie Dolls who talked like men about war and fighting...and lots of boys got "fighting man" dolls who would say (in a prissy girl voice), "Math is harrrd."

Here's film:


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Yes Men

I understand now why BoA sends me through a rigamarole to prove it's their site every time I log in!