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Random Thoughts

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This page is my own random thought page dedicated guessed it, random thoughts!

I realized that after starting this internship I have caught myself thinking in new perspectives about an array of subjects.

This blog is for all of my (and other's) random thoughts!


6/5: After watching a 48 Hours Mystery Show where a pre-teen boy killed his grandparents and accredited his actions with the fact that he was on an anti-depression medication, the subject of what is morally 'right' and morally 'wrong' and morally 'less wrong' came to mind. If we are to take an individual's culture into account when distinguishing what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' should we also consider the brain on certain medications? If they affect our moral decisions can it be said that they may impede humans from making a decision that is morally 'right'? Does that fact that this boy was on an anti-depressant that supposedly made him kill his grandparents make his actions 'less wrong' instead of completely 'wrong'? Just a thought...