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Many Small Pieces

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Each of the pieces of this mosaic is a photo I took when I visited the Magic Gardens and other mosaics around South Street over the weekend. Together they become compeletly new versions of what they were before.


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I liked the concept of your

I liked the concept of your mosaic. While each photograph can be considered a whole by itself, you made each photograph into a piece to make a different kind of whole. As a result, PIECES is spelled out with many photographs. It sort of looks like a lot of the pictures are the same, repeated, or at least similar, but if you look carefully at each of the photographs, you can tell that each picture is different from the other. I liked how the pieces make the word "PIECES". I thought you didn't need to write out the letters, but you thought that it would help the viewer see what the point of the mosaic was. However, mosaics don't have to be obvious; if they viewer looks hard enough, they'll see it.