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Reflection on my Educational Reflection

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When writing my reflection on my education, I became aware of just how much influence my parents have had on me. I have always been aware of the amount of privilege I have, but I hadn’t realize that not all of it came from my education. I came to Bryn Mawr as a product of a series of private schools, all of which offered me the scholarly education I possess today. After I thought about my overall education however, I began to realize that while my school had taught me book smarts that will help me succeed in my future education, my parents were the ones who had inspired and encouraged me to learn. They had taught me things that can’t be found in classroom curricula, such as the value of friendship and the importance of perseverance. I had many teachers who inspired me, but my parents were the people who nurtured my interests by having discussions around the dinner table and assisting in pointing me in directions where I could pursue my interests. In addition, I was fortunate enough that when I had a question my parents were not only around, but able to answer it. They even had a hand in my school education, considering that they were able to pay for it. After having realized the importance of my parents’ attention to and involvement in my education, I am even more aware of just how lucky I have been in my educational experience and which of my surroundings has assisted me in gaining the education I have today.