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Last night’s performances were amazing and seeing the different ways that our classmates portrayed what their experiences was so moving.

For our final performance, we went with an activity that was similar to ones that we did in class. We wanted everyone to write down one thing that they still felt uncomfortable talking about even after having this ESem. We decided to keep the students anonymous, since their concern made them uncomfortable. We read the responses and wrote them on the board, so everyone could see what their classmates were still comfortable with. Originally, we wanted to break up into smaller groups and discuss what we saw on the board and some common ideas. Many of the ideas were personal issues that we still faced. Our goal for our performance to convey that even after going through In Class/Outclassed, understanding and learning about class, we all had something we were anxious to discuss. This led us to another idea that the conversation does not stop. We will continue to feel uncomfortable with many issues, but bringing light to these issues and discussing them further, can make a change.

We did not get to read all of the responses because we ran out of time, but in a way that sort of showed us that the conversation is ongoing. We didn’t finish, but maybe it’s because we weren’t meant to finish.  To those of you whose responses were not read, it was an issue with time is anything. But that fact that you wrote your concern down is a step in moving forward and addressing it.

In a way I’m glad out group got to go last because it was a way to “end” everything that got us to this point. With that, I leave you with one piece of advice, keep talking!