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Delaware River

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Attempt 1:

Step 1: I tried to follow the article "Decades later, still standing against abuse"

Step 2: The article listed their website, They have a lot of events, and there's actually a "Men-can" rally on the 5th, but it wasn't something I really wanted to do.

Step 3: I kept trying to wander around, but eventually decided to take on a different article.

Attempt 2:

Step 1: Read the article titled "'Gliders' allow look into Ocean's depths," which is posted here:

Step 2: The article mentioned a website,, which redirected to an error message about the government shutdown.

Step 3: The other website mentioned in the Inquirer article is which has really cool pictures of the kinds of information that the gliders are collecting.

Step 4: Trying to connect this cool coastal article to something I could do in Philly, I googled "Philadelphia Delaware River area"

Step 5: Went to and clicked on the events. I found out that there are a lot of concerts, as well as yoga on thursdays, and a whole bunch of museums and activities.

Step 6: I ended up at the river trail and I think my plan would be to walk along the trail and to see how the river interacts with the city. I wonder if it's just tourists, or if there river has a strong impact on the citizens.


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FYI schuylkill river center...