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my mosaic

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last one is not clear, I make the mosaic on my own photo and put different eyes, mouth and hands from various "people" into one face.


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Grace actually made two

Grace actually made two mosaics: one of a tree and one of a face.  The first was inspired by the idea of telling a story with pictures.  She took the picture of a tree when she wlked by it with the sun hitting it in a certain way and she found its beautiful natural state to be inspiring.  She placed the words "Your leaves will never fall" because for her, in her memory and in her picture, the tree will always be just as perfect in its natural state.  The second one is a face made out of parts of other faces.  She also included things that are important to her, like food and her camera.  Wanting there to be a common theme between the two mosaics she included images of beauty, the rainbows, and of memories, the pictures of her friends from China and those that she has made while in America.