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Sun-Kissed Acres

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Welcome to our group!

Some info on:

where we started- finding our roots in the Millcreek community:

VLOGS documenting our experiences:

the journey- pictures, videos...and some words:

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Sun-Kissed Acres: Growing Beauty, Stories of a Garden in a School Community

This project is based on the way urban gardens have made Millcreek a better community. We asked the people in the community their opinions about the beauty of nature in their neighborhoods and created a documentary. We need people who are willing to work and dedicate time to care for the garden to make it a more colorful and welcoming place. We hope to inspire more youth to better engage in their communities and become active agents of positive change.

Who: We are three students, one from Bryn Mawr College and two from Parkway West High School

What: Growing out of our experiences in an environmental studies course last spring, we worked together to envision and design an urban garden in the Mill Creek Community of West Philadelphia.  We met throughout the summer to weed, compost, and plant the garden.   throughout this process we were able to make meaningful connections with people in the community which we were then able to create a documentary that talked about what beauty means to different people in the area. 

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Beauty is...

A major part of this project was collecting oral histories of the past and visions of the future from residents of the Millcreek. Through this, not only were we able to use individuals' ideas of beauty, nature, and community to create a garden that fostered those visions, but we were also able to film a documentary that captured these stories for a larger audience.