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Rewrite: NW

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This past weekend, I used the lens of existentialism (in particular, Sartre's view) to observe the relationship between Leah and Keisha, focusing mostly on the third section of the book.

After reading Mark's thoughts, I've decided that this weekend, I'd like to refocus the lens to contrast Satre with Kierkegaard (who is, after all, mentioned in NW) and observe the separation of Leah and Keisha (that is, where they are in the first and fourth sections of the book, both going through seperate crisis).

Because of this, the essay will focus more on the individual characters: Who Leah is when she goes through her pregnanacy scare, who Keisha/Natalie is when she is in her pregnancy v. who she is with Nathan v. who she is when she wants to turn Nathan in, and how she reconciles all of these different "selves" into one person.