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Reflections on Serendipity

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Last year in my A.P. Government class, my teacher told me that on each quiz or test we would have a question on the news from that week. I decided to make BBC my computer's homepage, thinking it would force me to read the news. I soon realized how much I enjoyed reading the news, how much I valued knowing what was going on in the world. I used to spend an hour each day just reading the news: political, health, technology...basically anything but sports. I soon found how important it was to have a wide range of news to read: much better than only reading about one spectrucm. To know what is happening in the world, people need a well-rounded view, not a singular view. For this reason, I think people will continue to value non-customized news. They will prefer to be surprised about what is showing up on their computers, as opposed to knowing what they'll learn about today: the same thing they learned yesterday, and the day before. People appriciate variery. Newspapers give it to them.