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What All Educators Should Know About the Brain

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What I've realized I've been thinking a lot about recently but haven't written about here is a bunch of stuff about education and the brain. So this is sort of a placeholder, a promissory note about a forthcoming article along the lines of the above title, deriving in turn from a set of talks and other projects including Brain and Education: Thinking About New Directions, Learning and the Brain: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go?, Brain and Education: An Introduction, The Brain as a Scientist/Exporer/Story Teller, Thinking About an Elementary Science Curriculum, Empirical Inquiry: Limitations and Possibilities, and Notes on Inquiry Skills.

For anyone who can't wait for the article, you can look at the notes for a talk on Brain and Education: New Challenges and New Directions. The last page begins to boil things down to an increasingly concrete set of things every educator ought to know ... Happy to have thoughts of others about such a list, or any other thoughts below.