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Anne's section: POV 5

Cathy Zhou's picture

With all the daily introspection on my crimes,I know I would have gone crazy within the first week.

The isolation is the punishment actually in this place.I cannot imagine if I stay in such place day by day without talking.

I see a complete disregard for the humanity of the prisoners.

When I finally stepped out of Eastern State Penitatiary,back in the sun and back to freedom,I heard crowds talking incessantly and I fely like a cell myself.

I am bored this doesn't hold my attention either.

Conflict of silences.

I wondered,if like her,prisoners tried to imagine,but found themselves too busy making shoes(or other commodities)or too disconnected from the world to daydream about another,maybe better,life.

"Stable ruins" seems oxymoroniz because time conhnces(?) even now to weak have in the aging place.

But I could feel the misery and insanity of these place and it was suffocating.

It seems prisoners became more like objects to be placed somewhere than people who needed reforming.

It's only a place which made people want to keep away from.

Eastern State Penitatiary seemed more like a place to cause someone to go mad rather than teach them to reflect.

Imagining myself staying there for years, I only saw a numb me, or the me who suicide.