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Regina Toscani Post 2

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Students in Special Education are taught the mechanics of writing, but usually not the rhetorical devices, which gives writing a special flavor, clarity, and creativity. I propose that these students need to increase their self-expression, and enjoy the process. For many special needs children (as well as regular education students) writing is a dreaded chore. By introducing students to various rhetorical devices, they will increase their motivation to write, and consequently, increase their ability to express themselves.

The first device we will explore would be idioms. Children would be encourage to think of phrases that do not mean exactly what the words mean. Students will draw, paint pictures of one idiom, and compare the results. Then they can explore and enjoy more idioms with Paint With Idioms.


The next device to be used would be similes, which are the comparision of two objects. The students will describe how the two things are alike. Then they will (in pairs) go to the website Simile and listen to a poem. Afterwards the two will produce their own short poem..

TOSCANI THE TERRIBLE Another fun device for students is alliteration (words that start with the same sound). Students will brainstorm names of famous characters that use alliteration : Tony the Tiger, Peter Parker, Lois Lane, etc. Then, working in a small group, they will come up with an alliteration using their own names. Next they will look at the below animations and create names for each.