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Marxism and You: For Realtors

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My last paper was very all over the board. I definitely don’t think I zoomed in enough with what I was saying, and my ideas were pretty scattered as well. This week, I’d like to totally change my lens and rewrite the paper entirely, using the Marxist lens, and focus on the living spaces of the characters and how that represents their socioeconomic status and defines them throughout the book. There’s a lot to work with there, from Felix and his father’s experiences in the community houses, to Natalie/Keisha’s big move, and even Michele telling Leah he doesn’t want their children to grow up in the flat they live in, with the sign out front, because it will define their lives. Plus, in general, the book does focus a lot on the neighborhood (as if the title wasn’t a tip off), so by comparing the living arrangements and way society judges the people living their per Marxist theory, I think I might have a much better paper.