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Observations & Interpretations of spreston, vgaffney, and Apocalipsis

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Bloodchild Observations

Analysis of power between creatures and humans

Power within family, creatures and how it affected the role of the mother

relationships between beings; human, animal and Tlic (species)

Relationship between Gian and his brother, T’Gatoi, and his sister

Usage of eggs to carry on species and the desire for the humans to be breeders

Butler’s discussion of male pregnancy

The dependency of both species on each other and the rituals to preserve humans

How did the flesh eating bacteria originate?

T’Gatoi and the role of love/ care/ bonds because that was her second home, what happened to her first home?

The role of the eggs and the sedation/ desensitization of species in human life

How mother stopped eating the eggs- why?



The role of agency- what does it mean to be a mother?

How species co-exist and are dependent upon the other.

How does the power of Tlics change because they are dependent on the humans?

Mother stopped eating the eggs; maybe to resist the power of the Tlics, and ability to stay human. Mother wanted to stop the mind control, and to resist giving one of her children away, her regret. What bonds her to her promise?



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