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Schedule for Tuesday night's "teach in"

Anne Dalke's picture

still haven't heard back from kammy, but/and/so
here's the (interim) current plan for tomorrow night
(feel free to use less--but not more!-- time than been's allotted for your group)

7:10-7:30: review end of semester requirements, portfolio work, etc.

7:37-7:44--amophrast, Katie Randall

7:44-7:59--venn diagram, jmorgant, phenoms

7:59-8:14--aybala50, lgleysteen, leamirella, S. Yaeger

8:14-8:29--jfwright, essietee, kimk, lwacker, rachelr


8:44-9:14--someshine, AmyMay, charlie, chelseam, Gavi, sel209, shlomo

9:14--9:30--end of semester evals

looking forward to this!