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Planning y/our final jaunt

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By midnight on Wed, 12/3, please attach a comment here, describing your plans for your final trip into the city alone: when-and-where will you go, in search of what, using what modalities/methodologies/lenses/p.o.v's & forms of simple, critical and/or deep play? Before writing, spend several hours checking out various websites and possibilities:
Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis, @ the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
KAWS @ PAFA. 118 North Broad Street.
Maxfield Parrish and Tiffany Studios. The Dream Garden. Curtis Center. 6th & Walnut (off Independence Square).
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.
"Particle Falls": Sensing Change. Public Art by Andrea Polli.
Enigmatic Tiles Inspire Philly rapper's "Toynbee Suite."
Auction of American Art and Pennsylvania Impressionists @ Freeman's Auctioneer's.
(1808 Chestnut Street. 2 p.m. Sunday, December 8).
Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Documentary. 2003.
Maria Popova.The Art of Looking: What 11 Experts Teach Us About Seeing Our Familiar City Block with New Eyes.
Brain Pickings. August 12, 2013.
Michel de Certeau, Walking In the City, The Practice of Everyday Life, 1984.
Carman Papalia, Caning the City, Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry 1, 2 (June 2007).
Explore the four squares (one via the Rittenhouse Square Sound Walk), then re-see them/the city
from two towers of different heights (Christ Church, City Hall Tower Observation Deck, Comcast Center...?)
Philly Art Experience: The Insider's Travel Guide
Anthony Bourdain-Inspired Philadelphia itinerary
Visit Philadelphia: Official Visitor and Tourism Site
Philly is Ugly: A Film by Nathaniel Dodson
UWishunu: Philly. From the Inside Out
Philadelphia Oddities
Consider also: a real estate open house, a music store, Harry's Occult Shop, a Quaker meeting for worship...


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Final Trip

I plan to go to Barnes because I did go there last time for some personal reasons. This time, I will work on an artwork for half an hour, and also do some research for the whole museum. My classmates talked a lot about Barnes, which makes me become more curious about it. I think I will have a good time there. And I have booked my ticket at 1:00PM on this Sunday. When I finish my visit, I will walk to Ann's place.

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Sunday Morning Smells and Bells

This won't be my first time to the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Northern Liberties, but when I went, I attended the English-speaking mass, and I also went there with an academic, socially-analytical lens. It was a beautiful mass, and I enjoyed it a lot, but I didn't immerse myself as much spiritually as I would if I weren't simultaneously studying the site. So this time I'm planning to attend the 9 a.m. mass which is in Ukrainian. The mass is beautiful and centered around elements of sound and smell (hence the smells and bells) with the use of jingling bells, gorgeous resonating and ringing voices, and powerful, uplifting incense. I'm curious how much more intense the experience will be when everything is sung, chanted, and spoken in Ukrainian (though I will understand bits of it due to it's similarity to Polish) but at least it will be some sort of a cultural and linguistic barrier that will function as a lens so that I can focus on the smells, bells, sounds, and spiritual aspects of the mass.

I'm also considering sitting up in the choir loft with a notebook and scribbling things down as they flow into my mind during the mass and see where it takes me poetically and musically. Or, perhaps, - actually I think this might be better - I'll let the ideas and words flow into my mind, but I'll hold onto them until the mass is finished and then let them out. Otherwise I'll lose the full spiritual immersion I'll be attempting to experience.

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Final plan

Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE I want to go to the Penn Museum. Actually, when I chose the universities in high school, one reason that I chose to study in Philly, is the existence of this museum. I was an explainer in the local museum of my city, and because of my interests in history, I knew that there are two important stone horses from Tang Dynasty show in the museum. I see the pictures for more than twenty times, and I really want to meet them face to face. I want to attach my dream time and its remains. Also, I want to use the lens by an explainer in Nanjing Museum to observe the difference of preservation of cultural relics between two cities.

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Final Trip to Philadelphia

For my final trip into Philadelphia I decided that I don't want to do something that I have already done in the city, or anything too similar to what I have already done. With this in mind, I would like to spend my time in the city this weekend at the Mütter Meuseum. The Mütter Meuseum was the first medical meuseum created in the United States and is the home to a vast collection of anatomical specimens. The main purpose of this museum is to show the public more about the human body and medical diagnosis through history. I think that this will be an interesting new experience that will give me a chance to see a different piece of the city than what I have already become familiar with. 

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Sunday Adventure

This Sunday, I plan to take the SEPTA train at 12:50, popping over to where it all began (getting off at Suburban). What I've really wanted to do for some time has been to act less like a tourist (going to museums, performances, mosaics, etc.) and just be able to sit and watch people. Therefore, I plan to grab a coffee, make my way over to the love statue, and sit and people watch for about an hour. My goal is to see how all the people in the city come together and break apart, watch the interactions between them, and really get a feel for the city. It will be simple play in the city, a coming full circle of sorts. After that, I will walk to Anne's house.

Alternatively, if it does rain/snow as the weather report currently indicates, I'll stay inside the coffeeshop so as not to freeze to death.

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Final jaunt

For my final trip into the city, I plan to visit Rittenhouse Square, using the Empty Air Sound walk. I will use the lens of the article, "The Art of Looking" and try to combine that with the art I will be listening to, to get a full sensory experience of Rittenhouse Square. I will probably go in without the app at first, to try and take in all the visuals, then add the sound to see how it inhibits or enables me to see the square. Rittenhouse Square is one of the first places I visited in Philadelphia, so I think it will be nice to return with the experiences I have gained from this class.

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Final Trip into Philly

I am thinking of going to a few places, but I haven't decided which one I want to go to yet. I was thinking Harry's Occult Shop would be pretty interesting. I also thought the Philadelphia oddities page looked interesting, but I wasn't sure where to get information about the location and stuff from. Going to the art auction would have been super fun but it's a little bit too far to manage to stay for a good amount of time. I was also looking at the Joseph Fox Bookshop on South Street, which looks interesting. I think what I might do is explore around South Street, since there are cafés with a pretty big art scene there, like Milk & Honey and the Bean Café.

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My final trip

I'm planning to go to the Love Letter Train Tour on Saturday morning. I've passed so many murals on the train, but I haven't noticed their connections and meanings. Although the tour sounds like a tourist thing, I'm really excited about the new perspective it's about to bring to me. After the tour, I'm going to see  The Dream Garden since it's really close to where I'll be. And I'll stop by the Washington Square around there. I feel like it'll be a deep play experience for me, and I want to be open to all the ideas, feelings and thoughts the city gives me. I'll play the believing game as I see all the love letter murals.

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mural "art"

I plan to visit the dream garden and explore the mural arts in the city. As an art form, mural art is special. I plan to take the tour “love letter” at Market Street on this Saturday. Trying to accept the idea of Barnes, I will play believing games in viewing the mural art and dream garden. I want to compare it with the mosaic by Isaiah Zagar and find the connections. By collaging the pieces collectively, these special arts are not those delicate and priceless paintings hanging in the museum, but a magic expression, which can intimately attract people’s attention. So, what educational aspects can I get from mural mosaics through comparing these arts with the portraits in Barnes? If they belong to art, so what is "art"?

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My Sunday Plan

For my final trip into the city, I am under pretty tight time restrictions. I have rehearsal in the morning from 10-2:00pm, so I plan to get off campus as soon as I possibly can, and go to the Market East Station. From there, I will walk along South Street, keeping an eye out for the Isaiah Zagar mosaics, and make my way to Anne's place. By counting on serendipity to guide me and let me find some mosaics, I hope to channel in some of the deep play that I experienced the first time I walked along South Street, before and after visiting the Magic Gardens. Because that was one of our first trips, I imagine that beginning my last trip repeating the adventure (this time alone) will provide a very nice closure. 

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Cults Concert

A few weeks ago I found out that one of my favorite bands, Cults, would be performing in Philly.  After looking into the show, I discovered it was at the beginning of December, perfect timing for our final independent trip into the city.  I purchased tickets for their show Thursday, December 5th at Theater of the Living Arts.  The venue is in South Street so I will keep in mind my previous experiences there along with the essay I wrote about the music and art scene.  I plan to take the 6:22 Septa train into Market East tomorrow evening and arrive at Market East and then walk from there.

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The Nutcraker

I originally planned to go to the Nutcracker Market at the Kimmel Center on Sunday, but after finding a reasonably priced ticket, I am now going to go see the George Balanchine ballet on Sunday at noon. I hope to experience deep play while watching the performace, in a similar but different way to how I experienced 17 Border Crossings. After reading The Loss of the Creature, I wonder wether I will be able to experience deep play if that is what I am aiming for. Will my viewing of the ballet be shaped by my prior knowledge, expectations, and hopes? How will I know if what I am experiencing is really "it"?
After this, it time permits, I will stop by the Nutcracker Market to do some Christmas shooping before meeting up at Ann's.

I will be taking the 10:50 train  on the Paoli/Thorndale line, arriving at Suburban at 11:16. From there I walk :)

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Rivers and Tides

After watching Rivers and Tides about artist Andy Goldsworthy’s art, I want to explore the themes of rivers, the color red, time, and nature in the context of the city. For my last trip into the city I am planning to go to the Schuylkill River and make art out of “nature” in the style of Andy Goldsworthy’s. Although he only works with material found in nature, I do not think that limits Goldsworthy’s art in a city, “My art is an attempt to reach beyond the surface appearance. I want to see growth in wood, time in stone, nature in city, and I do not mean its parks but a deeper understanding that a city is nature too-the ground upon which it is built, the stone with which it is made.” I am not sure yet if this will be critical or deep play, the movie seemed to lean more towards deep play.

My travel plan is to get on the Septa train at 11:50 and arrive at Suburban Station at 12:16. From there I will walk down the Parkway to the park behind the art museum, and spend about an hour there making the art. Once I am done, I will walk to the front of the museum, and catch the number 38 bus at 2:36 to Chestnut and 9th Street. Then from there I walk to Anne’s house.

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My last trip

I plan to go to on Sunday so I won't have to make two trips into Philly. First off, I want to go up to the top of City Hall and spend a bit of time with the view. It will be my sort of farewell to my adopted city as I won't be back again until after winter break. Then I'll climb back down and walk to Macy's. My roommate says it's worth going to and I love to window shop. To finish, I'm going to make my way to Harry's Occult Shop. I've never been in one and I'm a harsh skeptic of candles and talismans capable of protecting your soul. But I want to play the believing game so I'm going to go and talk with the shop people and see what I learn. I need to call them today and ask if they're open on Sundays. If not, I will go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and find the only other painting of Delphine Legrande by Renior. Then I'll make my way to Anne's for the seminar finale. 

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Expressive Hand

For my last Play in the City outing, I want to go somewhere where I don't feel eyes prying on my every move. I want to be able to go somewhere where I can roam and prance around, not necessarily physically but perhpas prancing around in my thoughts while humming or maybe even singing to songs in my head. I want to be able to see some form of creation with purpose, something sole. I was thinking of walking in on a music venue with live music, but most are open late at night after our final meet. I want to experience art, but less formal and more inviting, more intimate. I'd like to propose going to the Expressive Hand in Philadelphia on 622 S 9th St on Sunday before our big final meeting. I want to be able to create something that reflects my thoughts, something that speaks out to me. It would be a great way to end this journey because rather than observing, I would like to put it all into a piece of pottery and create something by painting my experiences. A moment alone to focus and play with the textures of paint. 

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I am planning to go to Drexel

I am planning to go to Drexel Medical School's winter classical recital.  It is tomorrow (Wednesday) night in a Drexel University building near Rittenhouse Square.  I've never been to that area of the city and have also never been a huge fan of classical music and feel that going to see the recital will expose me to new things that I may not have been willingly to go to by myself if it werent for this class.  I think it will be interesting to see the other people that attend and see what that tells me about the Rittenhouse area.  I will be playing because I think music (both making and hearing) is playful and depending on how engaged I am with the music I may even experience a moment of deep play (this, of course, cannot be gauranteed).