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Beauty of Discontinuity

Cathy Zhou's picture

One thing that magic garden impressed most is the diversity of materials they used, I always figured mosaic should be a simple piece of art,but when I walked in the place,the huge art piece made by millions of small ones really shocked me.The use of mirror pieces should be my favorite,since it made the art piece unique to everybody who sees it.The reflection of every visitors can be part of this masterpiece.

In my mosaic, I tried to make scattered picture a whole by putting pictures taken at similar angles aside,from the sky to views downstairs,making it continuous somehow.I also inserted one mosaic of my face in it,half taken at the garden and half taken at night.It's interesting to put broken pieces together and endow a new meaning inside.


Phoenix's picture


Cathy's mosaic takes the lack of structure in some of Zagar's mosaics and returns structure to them. She placed pictures containing the sky, and also from the start of her journey into the city, at the top. In the middle, she put pictures of the walls. At the bottom, she put a picture looking down into the subterranean level of the Gardens and also two pictures of herself meshed together: one at the gardens, and one back at home, the end of her journey. She also chose pictures of several of Zagar's most common media and put them together: glass bottles, faces, figures with four arms, and mirrors.