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New Faces Out of Broken Pieces

Amy Ma's picture

Look at all these faces with noses or eyes or mouths that don't belong to them.

They are broken to be new


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broken to be new

Amy focused on the faces in the mosaics. They do not seem cohesive, but rather from different faces, all put together. She applied an affect on the computer so that they would not like photographs, and said that her decisions were all pretty "random." The black and white creates some structure through the absense of color, some glue between the randomness. The faces all look different but in color they might look too colorful. The grayscale creates a sense of unity in the piece. So does the regularity of the images. They are all in lines, all the same size. Fragmented, but a whole. Structure brings mosaics together. Without it, they are overwhelming; they are pieces, but not a whole.