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Passing Through...

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The sight I chose to revisist throughout the semester is the garden beside Perry House and one of the features of that garden also happens to be the photo I chose to be my map of Bryn Mawr.  

A map is a representation of a given place, place(s) or a given specified area to me.  Bryn Mawr, is a place that ca only be understood by the people who are willing to pass through its metaphorical arches and imerse themselves in it.  It is also a place that, althought I've been here for four years, I still do not know all about.  I have been in the Perry House garden 2 or 3 times and I've been inside Perry House itself maybe 6 times.  I cannot believe I walked past this particular wall and arch and NEVER noticed it.  I believe that if I were to pass under this arch you see here, I would come out the other side as completely different person, much like what happens to Bryn Mawr students as they traverse their four years here.  There is an air of magic, of mystery, of adventure, of singularity, of tradition. All this is what makes Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr.  I have chosen to foreground this archway that encapsulates all of that.  The Terra Incognita in this picture is most of the campus.  From my representation, you wouldn't have much of an idea of what the campus actually looked like, but the buildings and the campus layout are secondary to me when I think of Bryn Mawr.  The feelings and emotions that go along with the school are much more important to me, hence why I chose to foreground this archway. I suppose the background of this image would actually be the trees closer to the camera.  They are not focal points of the image in the same way that the arch and the land beyond are.

I have chosen to revisit this sight because of the magical qualities it possesses and because it represents the unknown parts of Bryn Mawr that can be found in places you think you know quite well.