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Our "rheomodic" poem....

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At the end of class today, I asked each of you to write--in the "rheomode"--a description of "what was happening" (then, there). Here is what we wrote, and then read to one another...a collective poem:

delving converse deconstructing familiarity

crawling across the chairs are the ants

rustling trees make hearing hard

making this area cool, the shade

sitting, enjoying with intentions for learning

the blowing of the breeze is moving the trees and rustling papers being written on by students

talking is going on

air moving

rethinking thinking know



writing, intending to disorient

negotiation and re-negotiation and irre-negotiation




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Many different wholes?

I was thinking about the ideas of fragmentation and completeness and how it is amazing that all of our separate consciousness, which are fragmented from each other, were able to create a poem that is this “complete” in nature. I put complete in quotes because I’m not yet sure how I want to define the word. I guess I’ll go with Merriam Webster and say, “having all (or maybe just most?) necessary parts, elements, or steps.” In any case, the concept of many different wholes creating an even larger whole is a topic that is interesting. 

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Would we still comprise a

Would we still comprise a "whole" if one of us had not attended class yesterday? Or does that fall into the category of "many different wholes"? 

I wonder whether whole-ness has to do with all the elements that are "required" being present, or if it's more like, making do with what you have. A matter of perspective.