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What's Working? What's Not?

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Please, before we return from break: say here, @ mid-semester, what's working in the class, what's not. Thanks--



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Mid-Semester Evaluation

I don't really feel like I'm qualified to say what's working and what's not, because I feel voiceless in this class. I feel as though I've essentially been told to sit down and shut up. So that's what I'm going to do. I'll do my posts and occasionally I'll comment, but only to add factional (yes, I know) information. So that's what's not working. And that's pretty much all of it. I also feel like I didn't get much of a say, if any, in what books we're going to be reading, and since the vast majority are going to make my head explode I don't really feel like talking about them either. Express an opinion in this class: yes! Express the wrong one, however, and that becomes hell no...

As for what's working, well...I've finally managed to figure out Serendip, and how to post there. So that's something towards the good.

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