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What should we do next?

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 After our class discussion on Tuesday and after reading the group suggestions, I think that our syllabus should include a variety of different genres and mediums. People in the class where interested in different mediums, like film, and different themes and ideas, like religion, science and race. I don't think we should limit ourselves to two topic themes. I think we should read whole texts as opposed to reading excerpts from chosen books because you will be better equipped to talk about the book. I really liked the idea of comparison between the texts, but it does not have to be, in my opinion, reading two books, comparing them and then choosing another two books and so on. I think that what we have been doing so far with comparing books has worked for us. Every time we read a new book, we would spend some time comparing it to previous books and allowing for a conversation between the authors. I think it would be exhausting to center the new syllabus around the compare/contrast in the way it was proposed in class, but rather, compare each text with the previous text as we move forward. I think we would effectively do that in the next half of the semester by exploring different mediums and keeping the comparison element in mind during discussion. Exploring different themes and different mediums will be more interesting with the comparison element in mind. It will allow us to further discuss the question of "what is reality" and "where do we find reality" from a variety of angles. In the texts that we will be reading, I think we should focus on the questions, "how does this text make it as a non-fiction" and "what elements in the text give us insights into reality and truth" to keep the central theme of the class present as we move along.  


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I have to agree. While I like

I have to agree. While I like the idea of comparing books as we have been doing, reading 12 texts over the course of 6 weeks is a little intense. And I don't think it would be fair to the pieces to "excerpt" them, partly because that any message would probably be misconstrued by taking parts of the book and partly because I feel like if we're going to put the time towards reading anything, we should be enjoying the full text. 

I am interested in exploring the different themes and forms that we talked about in class: science, race, religion; print, TV shows, graphic novels. 

I also think we should get a little bit of genre theory in here somewhere, an essay or something, that speaks to fiction/non-fiction dichotomies. It would be interesting to see what's been said in conjunction with the things we've been reading.

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