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Mid-Semester Evaluation: What is Working? and What is Not Working?

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What is Working? And What is Not Working?

It has been six weeks now since we started our journey to exploring reality and questioning the truth around us.  We have looked at four different texts that presented us with different ways of looking at truth and reality. I think the combination of the books that we encountered was a good way to start our class discussion. Each one of us had really interesting ideas to share with the rest of the class which added to the conversation we are having. I think that the four books that we read have helped us decide where we want to move next with the rest of the semester. 

I was new to Serendip before I joined this class. I was not sure how to use it in the beginning. But now I think that it is a really great way to keep the conversation going taking into consideration the way Professor Anne conducts the class. I like how Professor Anne posts the class notes beforehand because it gives me, at least, the chance to start thinking about the class ahead of time. I also enjoy the postings that we do every week because it gives me the chance to contribute to the class conversation. It also allows me to read other students' ideas and explore them more in-depth. 

I liked the way we read the books, especially the link and the comparison that we make between the books that we read. However, sometimes the argument gets centered on one idea, and not everyone might be interested in that idea. So the conversation might get too focused on that argument and unfocused on the rest of the questions we want to explore. So just refocusing the conversation from time to time will make the class discussion more interesting.

I really enjoy the class overall. Everybody has interesting ideas to share. Our differences make the conversation and class discussion very rewarding. 




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