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I'm channeling my childhood with this post

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 As I was reading Reality Hunger and came upon the part explaining that most of our memories are stored verbally rather than as actual pictures, I thought back to what I think was an old Spongebob episode (but I could have the wrong cartoon, because my memory is, after all, only able to recollect bits and pieces). In the show, Spongebob forgets how to do something, and there's a scene that shows a mini Spongebob inside his own brain going through dozens of file cabinets, trying to locate whatever "file"/memory it was that was lost. I think that's the way most of us grew up imagining our memories and banks of knowledge, but Reality Hunger contests the idea. But I'm curious to know about people who have "photographic memories", because maybe their brains really are like tons of filing cabinets filled with snapshots and recordings.


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  Season 3, Episode 8b (48b):


Season 3, Episode 8b (48b): Squilliam Returns

SpongeBob: My name? (zoom inside of SpongeBob's brain again where all the SpongeBob's are searching for a name)

SpongeBob #3: What's his name? What's his name? I've got nothing on a name.

SpongeBob #4: (searching on the computer) C'mon, baby, what's the name? (panicked shouting is heard as all the SpongeBob's are running around and paper is flying)



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