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Group Proposal

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GROUP MEMBERS: Sandra, Rachel, and Jacky

For our proposal we wanted to go with what seemed most popular in all the individual proposals, because we felt that what mattered was that everyone would enjoy at least some books and or movies on the list.

Below is our proposal:

Most Popular

                                   Slavery/Racism                                                                   Mixed Themes    

                       Out of Africa (the Movie)                                                             In Cold Blood

                       The Autobiography of Malcolm X                                                 A Million Little Pieces

                       Up From Slavery                                                                          My Year Lost and found in the Loony Bin


I think that not only are these great picks but but they are a mixture of genres and not all are books. This would make it easier on the class 1) because it would be cheaper 2) we can focus on every one with more or less the same attention.

However, for me, there is one thing that detracts me from this proposal, and that is, that they don't seem to connect too well with one another (with the exception of the slavery, racism theme). Personally I feel that one overarching theme would work best if we have different mediums, and if we create a kind of debate with the texts. For instance, in my research, I found that there was a big book entitled Not Out of Africa, which I thought would go well with the movie mentioned above.



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Too much?

 While I liked the idea of comparing/contrasting books, I would prefer to be able to focus on one book at a time. After we read several books, sure we can bring similarities into our discussion, but I don't want the focus of my reading attention to be like a high school essay. I also am very adamant about reading whole books. If I want to get a taste of a book then I can read the back- while I appreciate wanting to cover a lot of different material, I truly believe in quality, not quantity. I want to be able to sit down and "get" what an author was trying to say, and I don't want to come in halfway into the conversation. I feel that this detracts from my reading experience. 

Themes can be a really good unifier, but I also think that they can potentially be restricting. Before we go any further into picking specific books, I think we need to decide if we want a more diverse, all over the place syllabus or a unified one. 

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