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"The failure of language (as 'we know it') to accurately create an understandable roadmap to 'realization' or 'enlightenment' has been taken by some, as evidence that there is no 'realization' or 'enlightenment'; "what cannot be described, cannot be real" is an actual axiom of certain philosophies.

Indeed, there seems to be a very generous allowance given to the assumption that a description, if accurate, somehow conveys the thing itself; if I accurately describe 'water', the reader would then be wet. Similarly, it is assumed that a person who has had an experience, should be able to describe the experience, in such a way as to convey the actual experience itself, to the reader.

A distinction should be drawn between water and realization. Water is an object, realization is not an object. Yet, realization is 'objectified', and hence arises the demand for an 'accurate description', as though realization is a 'thing'."



From :

By : Gene Poole




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 yes it is linked to our

 yes it is linked to our study of the inadequacy or words to describe what it is we want to describe. I found it interesting, because Poole also make a connection between the inadequacy of words and what it means to be objectified by those same words.

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say more?

explain the quotes? are they linked, for you, to our study of the non-foundationalism and inadequacy of words, when we tried to find their dictionary meanings??

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