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evaluation: an estimating of value

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 So far I am really enjoying the direction of the course, and I think the variety of material that we will be covering over the course of the upcoming quarter will bring in a lot of different angles and perspectives on nonfiction. Looking back on the past quarter, however, I feel like we have had a lot of arguments and point-proving sessions that have drifted away from our main points. I live that in the class we can stray from the main point and explore new ideas surrounding it, but this is only constructive when the class is having a discussion, not always an argument. So looking at the material that we will be covering starting next week I am beginning to better see what ckosarek was mentioning in her posts and in class- we are going to be covering many controversial issues, and I feel that with the many varied and strong opinions of our class we could really stray from constructive conversation and critical discussions and lead into arguments about values and political beliefs. Hopefully we will be able to control this- I know I can see myself getting frustrated. 


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Not Sure

I'm curious how this blog entry came up as a discussion of construction estimating in the Google Alert. I look for other blogs that are construction related and comment in their blog as part of sharing my knowledge with others and getting links back to my blog.

So, if this entry is posted I will get a link without having to share some of my knowledge. I guess I'll take it.

Good luck in your studies. It's a complex world out there.

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I agree with Rachel, the variety in the course material has allowed us to try and play to everyones likes and dislikes. It keeps us interested and doesn't allow us to fall into a rut. We do seem to stray from topic every once in a while and have a sort of competition rather than an open conversation. Rather than being open to new ideas and different points of view everyone seems to attack and shut down to the ideas rather than exploring their potential. I have been guilty of doing this and it leaves me annoyed and feeling like nothing was accomplished. I leave class feeling unsatisfied and like something wasn't accomplished. I'm not exactly sure how we can fix this, especially since we are a diverse class with lots of varying opinions. It is something that we should think about trying to curtail to have a fuller and more complete discussion.

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