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Where I was, where I am now

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So when I started off the class, I was a Carl Sagan. I used to have arguments with my family about how science is fact, or rather that there is only one truth out there and scientific facts come closest to reaching that truth. My mom and aunts would say that I was too stubborn to realize that everyone can have their own truth, and theirs was God. As I've come to the end of the semester I have seen how it is that there isn't only one truth, there isn't only one answer. I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to human beings in a social world, we all have our own truths which are based on experiences; and as far as prose goes, we write from different perspectives and angles. 
PS. To pull from one of the presentations:
I do not think that the labels non-fiction and fiction are accurate, but they give us one perspective on a book or novel that may be true or may not depending on the person, but it's a start. As for categories in general I think there are some that are useful but some that simply are not necessary!


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