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playing is playing

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I think playing is necessary and significant in my childhood. This behavior opens various doors in front of me and gives me the choices. As in the article ‘Taking playing seriously’, Robin cited Gould’s words ‘the key is flexibility’. There are thousands of ways to playing in the world, and different children choose different ways, actually they choose the ways they like. Just like the sentence in Cass’s article ‘So Much for Serendipity’, in which she mentions that some old-fashioned newspapers that provide un-chosen stories actually give readers the experience of serendipity. When I faced the strange world in childhood, it was like I read the old-fashioned newspapers. There are so many playing for me to experience and have fun. I lived in a small island in Nanjing. There were mountains, fields and rivers on the island. I tried to go fishing, run between the vegetables, climb the fruit trees and some other entertainments. There are my precious memories and I remembered finally, I started to visit different families and listen the stories of old people. I am interested in knowing about the historical stories from others. The interest is still till today. Although the way is changed-now, I like to visit museums to get the information. The playing in the island brought much fun to me, coloring my childhood. Although some activities may be risky, I think it is also the inevitable on my way to look for interest and fun. Flexibility is a valuable characteristic of playing, providing more possibilities and the chances to be happy.