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Conversation, discourse, exchange, open-ended transactional inquiry

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The trick is to focus not on what people can't agree on, nor on what they can agree on, but rather on issues/questions/problems that have the potential to generate ways of thinking that no one has thought before. 

More to come on where that thought came from, and what its useful for .... 


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did that thought come from, and what is it useful for?  My sense is that it's useful as a way to keep dialogue moving forward, to keep it in the lived and living present rather than direct people's focus/energy to what they already are invested in believing, and in this sense to what is past.  So it's an inquiry skill having to do with ability to re-frame conflict as a source of invention?
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inquiry and conflict

Yep, but its even more than that. Its an acknowledgement that conflict, intrapersonal, between the person and the inanimate, interpersonal, and social/cultural, is actually the primary source of invention. Its something to encourage, make use of, rather than to avoid. See Making Sense of Understanding and the discussion of conflict as "generative" toward the end of The brain and mental health: PG reflections.