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Biology 202 2008 - Web Paper 3

Biology 202, Fall 2008, Bryn Mawr College

Third Set of Web Papers


Students in Biology 202 write web papers on topics of interest to themselves. These are made available to encourage continuing exploration by others with similar or related interests.


Allison ZTelevision and the Brain
Angel DesaiThe reality of Reality
Anna G.Soaking the Brain in Different Chemical Baths; By Religious Experience
anonstudent01Beautiful People, Ghosts and Deceased Relatives: The Nervous System and Perception
asavannahPhobias: More then just a Fear
Caitlin JeschkeLiving With Fear
Caroline FeldmanTell Me if it Hurts: Investigating Whether Animals Feel Pain
cheffernanTwo Brains?
eambashBrain Fuzz: Can Brain Scans Provide a Space-Out Way Out?
EB Ver HoeveChange Becomes You
Emily AlspectorAutism: A New Look at Consciousness
evanstiegelHuman Specialness: Challenged by Our Own Intelligence
gflahertyThe Effects of Music on Athletic Performance
heatherExistence with the Volume Down
I.W.The Advantage of Forgetting
Jackie MaranoWhat Your Nose Knows: Smelling is Believing...or Deceiving?
jchung01@brynmawr.eduDiagnosis of Meanness
Jen BensonSmoking and The Neurobiology of Quitting
Jessica KruegerTrusting Vision: Language’s Influence on Perception
Jessica VarneyThe Neuroscience of Tasting Sweet
jriedersCultural Cognition Theory
jwongBecoming British Overnight: the Foreign Accent Syndrome
KendraResponses to Pain: What accounts for certain differences?
Lyndsey COur Brains Have Chemistry: What’s Love Got to Do, Got to Do With It?
Madina G.Facial Recognition: A Phenomenon of Our Emotions
maggie_simonA meditation on the brain’s duality: the influence of meditation on the brain and the mind
Mahvish QureshiHypnosis, more than just a magic trick
Margaux KearneyRSD: Unraveling the Puzzle of Pain
MarieSagerGive Me My Meds
mcrepeauCreatures in the Night and Miracles in Clouds: A Discourse on the Plausibility and Indistinct Nature of Group Hallucinations and
merry2eThe Tale of a Writer's Overactive "I" Function
Mimi N.Unnatural Causes
mkhiljiDoes our I-function sleepwalk?
Molly PieriThe Implications of a Theory of Mind-Body Unity for Doctor-Patient Relations in Medicine
nasabereMemory Distortion and its Connection to Reality
Nelly KhaselevRemarkably Human, isn’t it?
Paul BSeasonal Affective Disorder Treatment – A New Approach to Treating Psychiatric Disorders?
PS2007Your Mind on Music
ptongMotivated to Play
Rica Dela CruzPost Traumatic Stress Disorder Associated With War Veterans and Victims
Simone ShaneThe calming effect of music
Skye HarmonyTheory of Mind: Comparing Bird Brain, Monkey Brain and Human Brain
Sophie FA Bitter Pill
Zoe Fuller-YoungBreastfeeding Limitations: Are some women incapable of breastfeeding? Are formula mothers neglectful?



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