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A Note About PMDD

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A Note About PMDD

Paula Green

Everyone experiences some unhappiness in his or her lifetime whether it is a specific situation or not. It becomes more serious when the cause is a form of "depression." It is a fact that women experience depression about twice as much as men (1). These causes specifically for women can be complex and so are the solutions (3). A common syndrome affecting an estimated 3% to 8% of women in their reproductive years is called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) (4). PMDD is specifically known as a mood disorder of severe depression, irritability, and tension with symptoms worsening a week or so before a woman's menstrual period and usually settling out afterwards (5). PMDD can be devastating to all areas of a woman's everyday life, including family relationships, friendships, and the ability to work or go to school (3).

Many people still believe that the emotional symptoms caused by PMDD are not real, and that a woman should be able to shake off the symptoms if only she tried hard enough. Because of these inaccurate beliefs, women with this depression either may not recognize that they have a treatable disorder or may be discouraged from seeking or staying on treatment. Often, women's concerns regarding their condition are not taken seriously which leads to feelings of self-doubt, frustration and hopelessness (6).

Feeling sad or stressed during a menstrual period doesn't necessarily mean a woman is suffering from PMDD. This is a common assumption made by women who are confused about their emotional state. As a female suffering from PMS monthly, I can admit that PMDD has become questionable in my mind. There have been many times that I have suffered anything from constant tiredness, muscle aches, sad feelings or moodiness, decreased interests in usual activities, difficulty in concentration, feeling overwhelmed, behavioral changes, fatigue, fluid retention, breast tenderness, and headaches all leading up to my menstrual period. These happen to be some symptoms of PMDD. Does this mean that I have PMDD? . As a result PMDD is not always accurately identified or treated (4).

Diagnosis and treatment choices will depend on the outcome of an evaluation. To diagnose PMDD and rule out any other problems there should be a complete physical and mental examination that entails a complete history of current and previous symptoms, which can also raise questions about illnesses of other family members and about mood, memory and changes in relationships (7). The treatment for PMDD is similar to that for major depression, which consists of antidepressants and psychotherapy. A woman suffering from PMDD has to take antidepressants not just during the time her symptoms occur, but on a regular basis. Psychotherapy helps a woman cope with the harsh symptoms and other challenges in her life (6). In severe cases hormones that induce premature menopause may be administered since symptoms for PMDD sufferers disappear with menopause (4).

It is unfortunate that nearly two-thirds of PMDD sufferers do not get the treatment that they need (2). Some believe that it is just mother nature working and that every woman will experience symptoms similar to PMDD in her lifetime, so why label it a disorder. "Having a period is no different than having a bad hair day! So get over it. This whole disorder thing is nothing but a medical term for the monthly curse (8)." This is a case where premenstrual symptoms (PMS) have been confused with symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). PMDD symptoms go far beyond what are considered manageable or normal premenstrual symptoms (PMS). Women with PMDD complain of overwhelming depressive mood swings to such a severity that quality of life becomes seriously difficult, while PMS is related more to the physical aspects of a period such as bloating, weight gain, aches and pains (3).

Another problem for many women is "fear". Women who suffer from PMDD fear that they are "crazy," because PMDD is labeled as a psychiatric disorder. It is only when they are about to commit suicide or experience feelings of anger that turn into violent outbursts that they finally decide to seek safe and effective treatments (6). Understanding optimal treatment of this disorder can help alleviate unnecessary suffering so women can continue to live prosperous and fulfilling lives without the burden of PMDD's awful symptoms.

If you feel you may be suffering from PMDD, take the Quick Self-test for PMDD that is sited at the bottom of this page link and consult a physician (6).


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01/06/2006, from a Reader on the Web

I want to start out by saying that the research in any illness suffered by mosthly women (pms, pmdd, interstitial cystitis, etc.) have far less research thrown at it than any illness/syndrome suffered by men, most specifically ED. I am apalled at this. I was diagnosed a year ago with Iterstitial Cystitis, and resently had an episode so severe, I was looking back at my DSM (my degree is in psychology). It turned out that the Dr. diagnosed me with PMDD. I am an educated person, specifically in the areas of psychology and cognitive neurology, and I am always very aware of my psychological state. I was in such a bad state, I knew I was in crisis. I wanted to say thank you for your information, but to also say, that if a man suffered from what I suffered from the last few days (I felt like my brain was on fast forward, and had absolutely no control of my thoughts, spiking an anxiety response and severe irritability), or the pain I feel on a regular basis with the Interstitial Cystitis, that we would KNOW what caused both of these syndromes/illnesses. I understand that ED is tramatizing, however, I think there are many illnesses/syndromes which deserve relief as well, and I think the more we address the fact that women's issues are not researched as much (as many men say "it is in your head") the more attention will be drawn to them and solutions found.



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pmdd or as my husband says bipolar

Truley I don't know what's wrong except I get real angry and tearful hopelessness wrong thoughts I really do try but won't goaway don't really want antidepression tablets but think I'm going crazy what to I do

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PMDD sufferer and my family dont understand

I just want to know the best way to make my family and friends understand what im going through as they just think i'm a bitch and that i'm crazy. I'ts affecting every aspect in my life and i'm sick of feeling guilty and ashamed. I also have a 5 year old who i don't want my moods to filter through. Is there any groups or people in can see to help me through this. Any advice will be muchly appreciated. THANK YOU

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How can I get anyone to listen?

My youngest daughter I am positive has pmdd. I was diagnosed with it a few years ago. She has over the last ten years had up and downs that I now attribute to pmdd. She within the last month has had a terrible flare up. Her birth control was changed and it is like she is now bipolar. I know all these symptoms of pmdd as a sufferer. She fails to believe that all she is going through is pmdd. She was fine one day and the next got extremely angry, extremely depressed, I was afraid suicidal, dumped her loving boyfriend who had no clue why she did that. She has been obsessed with tearing him apart. She keeps ptelling me that her problems are because of me. She even got on Facebook and announced to the world that she is the way she is because she lives with a mentally ill mother. She is on facebook day and night telling everyone she has no reason to be grateful for anything, constantly bashing the boyfriend that is horribly heartbroken. Several people have asked me and other family members what is wrong. I got her a doctors appointment last week to try and get her help and I called before she went to try and explain what was going on, but they acted like they couldn't talk about any of that with me. I told them they didn't Havering to discuss it, but to please listen. I just dont think anyone was taking it serious. She has been on antidepressants before which helped her tremendously. She doesnt like taking them. The yaz helped her tremendously also as she was on it co
ntinuously. They want to wait until next cycle to put her on something different. I dont know if I. Wilk sirvive that long to get her help. This has been horrible. Everything sets her off. Over the years she has lost jobs, relationships, can't stick with school. This time around these symptoms have been going on for a month, not just 10 days or so

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Pmdd and behaviuor

Thank God i find this place! I judt got out of a relationship with a woman 38 years old that suffers pmdd. She told me about it when we first start to know each other. She wanst using any meds at this time and from the loving person i first know she became violent and at two different times she made dead treats. I broke the relationship and comtemplate on putting a restraining order just in case she try to get close to me. I found recently that she had been in many situations including an abusive mariage, dead treats, restraint orders, ect. Its sad to see somebody changing like that, it looks almost like having multiple personalities. This condition is very real and the pacient should stick to profesional help. I manage the situation the best i could but i started to feel bad with my bipolar disorder and deceide to leave the relationship. The little time we shared i thought this was the woman i was going to spent my days for the rest of my life, but it turns to be a nigtmare. I just pray to god to help her again and start medicate again. I was able to manage her but who knows, maybe the next person in her life wont understand whats happening and can hurt her really bad phisically or even kill her. This is very real. Pmdd i think should be treated as mental disorder, and people should learn more about it.
Thanks for the opportunity.

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PMDD Treatment

I find it so sad that so many women do not get the PMDD Treatment that they need. It really frustrates me that so many women are almost bullied into thinking it is not a real condition and that they are over-reacting too.
Thank you for the wonderful article no this subject that needs more attention!

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Need Advice

My daughter (now 23) was diagnosed with PMDD at age 14. At first I wondered if she was developing bipolar disorder because her mood fluctuated from depressed/down to extreme anger. She never experienced the manic phases and after evaluation by a physician, I was told not to worry. My daughter was instead diagnosed with PMDD.

Medication with a low dose birth control pill and a very low dose of prozac gave what I considered miraculous results. The nasty, hateful kid was replaced by a loving, caring teen. The problem is, my daughter has refused to take the medication because she feels this is something she can control on her own. Yeah, well.....the rest of us are miserable. At times her behavior almost seems abusive, and I'm at my wits end.

I've tried to intervene and let her know when her behavior/attitude/anger is not appropriate. Her physician as encouraged her to resume the medication. I learned she doesn't want to be labeled with a psychiatric disorder. She also doesn't like some of the side effects of the medication (although she admits the side effects are very minor).

We are miserable here. She screams and yells over the most trivial of things. Depending on where she is during her cycle, she can burst into tears over something as minimal as a 5 pound fluctuation in her weight.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. I'm feeling desperate not only for me, but for my daughter because she doesn't realize how nasty she is to those around her. I'm also concerned this is hurting her college experience and the relationship with her employer as well.

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PMDD in the college years

Hi there:

I don't know your daughter, so I can't necessarily speak on what's happening with her. I can share my own experiences and that may be of some help to you. I'm 31. I still occasionally wonder if I can "manage" on my own. I've had to be on and off my medication many, many times in order to realize that I need it. Part of my acceptance came with the realization that having something wrong with your brain is no different than having something wrong with your pancreas. Diabetics need to regulate their insulin and no one says boo to them--why is it different when it's some other kind of chemistry?

Find out what groups she is involved with. Perhaps there is another influence you are unaware of, particularly if she never had a problem taking the meds before. Also, I had been taking antidepressants off and on for years before I started treatment specific for PMDD. I didn't really feel very different whether I was on my antidepressants or not, though my friends said there was a big difference, I didn't feel it, so I didn't want to take the medication. Once my doctor started me on Zoloft, it was a whole new world. The mood swings were gone, the depression was finally gone--I really felt better for the first time in years. Even with that experience, sometimes I still wonder if I can skip my medication. I know better now, but that is knowledge hard won through a lot of suffering--mine and several other people I love and care about.

The only other thing I can think of is that antidepressants can cause sexual side effects, and that may be another reason that she wants to be off of her drugs. Depending on your relationship, that may or may not be something she feels she can talk to you about. Seems to me the biggest thing getting in the way of your daughter taking her medicine is her belief that she doesn't *really* have a problem. If she is determined to try and handle her problem au naturel, fine. But hold her accountable by asking what she is eating every day and how active she is. PMDD can be helped through diet and exercise, but it's rigorous and constant. Get her to talk about what her plan is and help her realize how "well" that's actually working for her. Do some research and get science on your side. It might also be important for you to track her cycle--for me, the best time to try and have a rational conversation was about 2 or 3 days after my period started, and perhaps the week following. It's hard, if not impossible to reason with a "crazy" person. One last thing--it also seemed to me that my symptoms "worsened" as I got older--maybe intensifies is a better word? It's possible the meds aren't having the same effect as they used to, which makes it really difficult to want to keep taking them. When I took my meds and it didn't make me feel better, I felt even more isolated and nutty.

Good luck to you. I hope it all turns out well.

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Hi...I have some questions if

Hi...I have some questions if anyone can answer! I have had (self diagnosed, as I am a Mental Health Therapist) PMDD for as long as I can remember. There has been a hitorical pattern with my 'mood swings' about one week before my period, lasting until the day or day before my period starts. Once I get it, I am good as gold (with some fatigue and sensativity sometimes).
I am feeling guilt...
As of recently, my PMDD had become the 'topic of conversation' between my (then) boyfriend (now, ex). I am trying to distinguish MY role in the relationships demise (particularly related to the PMDD) and, what I believe to be, his abusiveness. We were in couples counseing and my PMDD came up as a 'concern'. I nave NEVER denied this problem with myself...EVER. The PMDD has been a part of me since about 15.
As my ex was leaving, he said something that has resonated with me. I had been on the verge of 'begging' for attention and affection from him basically from the time he moved in until he left (about 2 months). He denied me both of these, along with sex, despite my attempts to come on to him. He VERY CLEARLY stated "you're not gonna get the reaction you want from me until you start acting better." ACTING BETTER??? ACTING BETTER??? I HAD been having a difficult time adjusting to him moving in as I gained him, his 11 year old son and a dog in a 900 square foot condo. My grandma also died a week after he moved in. Needless to say, I was having a ROUGH time...this was NOT related to my PMDD.
Shortly after he moved in, I began to get criticized over things like 'eating olives out of a jar" or "you put dog shit in the garbage" or "'re really getting too skinny" and making fun of clothes I had on. Needless to say, I tried my HARDEST to 'fix' myself as I acknowledged how rough of a time I WAS having with my emotions (not due to PMDD, but to the changes and loss).
It was when I made the conscious decision to 'handle myself' that his disrespect, irresponsibility, uncaring, deliberate behaviors came out. As he was leaving, he said about my PMDD "and you were supposed to go and get that fixed by the doctor, and you never even did that." It was as if he was using my (admitted) PMDD as the 'cause' of his decision.
I, of course, felt terrible because I DID say I was going to 'get some help' for it. I took St. Johns Wort initially and did not like it. That was the extent of my 'trying'.
I feel so stupid for even typing this...could my 'behaviors' related to the PMDD have been THAT out of control and causing SO much pain in him that I didnt even recognize? We dated for 4.5 years and my PMDD was never a 'cause' of a breakup...maybe an arguement but never the cause of somehting like this...

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I don't know if you'll get

I don't know if you'll get this, but I'm going to try anyway. Your ex is abusive. I was in the same situation, except my ex used ADD. I was diagnosed with PMDD while going through therapy to try and manage my ADD because *it* was the reason we were having problems in our relationship. What you said about making the conscious decision to handle yourself and his behaviors coming out really resonated with me - it was the same. It was through this treatment and process of revelation/change/growth that I realized the difference between what was true about my own behaviors and what he wanted me to feel, how he wanted to put me at fault. What was real about the effects of my behaviors and him manipulating me. This is abuse.

I wonder if, looking back, you see that his disrespect, irresponsibility, uncaring, deliberate behaviors were there all along. And, in your growth or recognition of the absurdity of his (abusive) behavior or the process of his losing control over you, his behaviors became extreme and more easily recognizable.

The answer to your question is NO. Don't feel stupid - what you're experiencing is abuse. Questioning yourself like this (especially the types of questions you're asking) is a sign of abuse. Psychological, emotional, and verbal abuse are just as, if not more, powerful, painful, and damaging as being punched in the face, over and over.

I can see very clearly lots of abuse in your comments. It's wise (and admirable) of you to uncover what your role in all of this is. I recommend Melanie Tonia Evans's work (, the website mentioned above, and (there's also a book but I haven't read it).

For PMDD, I recommend calcium (1000mg) + magnesium (400mg) + B6 (50mg), with or without Beyaz (birth control). Talk to your doctor, a good gyno can help you with this.

I hope all is well with you and that you are healing, both physically and mentally/emotionally.


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relationship issues

Yes the depression and anger associated with PMDD can affect relationships if untreated but that does not excuse the other persons bad behavior. I hope that you find a good therapist who can help you work through the issues associated with PMDD and also a doctor or health care provider that can provide the medications that have been found to help. THese are a combination of oral contraceptives, Specifically YAZ and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as fluoxetine. Good luck. I hope that once you begin on the road to recovery you will meet someone who gives you the respect and love that you deserve. Best, Sylvia

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The other person's bad behavior.

Hold up here! Look, you going through what you are going through is definitely something to be reckoned with. But at the same time, you can not blame the other person for reacting like they do when you (uncontrollably or not) act the way you do. Your suffering with something, situation wise or otherwise, does not mean that you are the only one with feelings or the only one whose feelings matter. I mean we're talking about human beings here and as human beings they have feelings and buttons that can be pushed too, and they can only take what they can only take. Everyone has their limit. When you treat someone in such a way, it is understandable as well as natural for them to distance or cut away from you (especially partly because they are afraid of your unstable behavior which causes them to be fearful/distrustful of you). Hell, in many cases people end up traumatized because of certain things that happen or because of what they are put through because of something like this. As a matter of fact, turn the table and place yourself in the other person's position and etc. I mean really imagine, as much as you can, being on the (receiving end), enduring such treatment from someone who is suppose to be your significant other, loved one or someone you trust. Especially if it's for a duration time. Can you HONESTLY say to yourself,"no matter how terrible he/she may treat me or make me feel I would never react/break"? Think about this carefully. Listen, no one can not and should not be blamed for being affected by a condition beyond their control but at the same time no one can be or should be blamed for being human neither. Also, if you truly love someone you would not disrespect or degrade them in anyway. If you're not able to show the love that is suppose to be shown, then you're not able or ready to maintain such a relationship-thus you have no business being in one. So, in other words one's bad behavior, respectively, does excuse the other's bad behavior!

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Ummmmmm... NO, it doesn't. It

Ummmmmm... NO, it doesn't. It sounds like your ex may have written this reply.

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I don't think you fully

I don't think you fully understand. PMDD is not just "bad behavior." Otherwise those of us who suffer from it would not be seeking help for it. This makes it sounds as if the PMDD sufferer has full control of their actions and sometimes they don't. And part of the problem with PMDD is the person who lashed out realized and feels AWFUL about it and then we spend weeks beating ourselves up over it and wanting to die for it.

If this illness was taken more seriously and awareness was spread, women could get help and them or the men would not have to go through such traumatic experiences.

That being sad, in the mentioned above it sounds like while the PMDD was a major factor, quite few other things were playing into this as well.

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Both of my sisters and I have

Both of my sisters and I have PMDD. So, I have experience on many levels with its' effects. I've been to at least a half dozen doctors in the last 15 years who are still practicing medicine. It wasn't until I started to own my condition in the last 3 years that I experienced actual healing. Also, I was tired of sitting around and waiting for someone to figure out a cure - I wanted to live my life! This includes all things mental, physical and spiritual. You're correct when you say that there are other things going on in our lives. I believe every woman with PMDD can say that because it effects all areas of our lives.

Some things that have helped me heal over the last few years include: running (fun runs are great because they force you to 'train'), taking an amazing amount of vitamins (see, Yaz for about a 1.5 years to get over the initial hump, Bikram yoga, prayer and reading/living the Message on a daily basis. It sounds like a lot, an exhausting list. But it's amazing how much all around health has provided me more with drive and energy to do them.

I hope and pray the same for all of you.

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pmdd treatment

Learning all this stuff after reading this post is so good. Now I know something about women health. The things that I learn in this post are going to be very useful.

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I am glad to see this....

I am so happy to be reading all this...not about your pains and emotional rollercoasters...but that each and everything I've read sounds as if am have written it myself. I am 28 years old and driving my husband of 10 years insane!! I have suffered horrible menstral cycles since I was 13. I remember missing school almost each month because I was laying in bed curled up in the fetal position unable to move . I was diagnosed with depression after my father passed away, because of all of my terrible outburst and anger. They put me on Zoloft and took my sense of self away. I still had terrible mood swings and my mother couldn't put up with me. It got so bad that I would get violent in my flares and I was arrested for hitting my own mother. I would never consider this ever. It just isn't who I am, but it happened. When I met my husband it was the best thing ever. He flushed the Zoloft down the john and I never felt better. I knew myself again. The mood swings continued however. They are worse to this day, and I am afraid that I am the real cause of the heartattack that my husband suffered when he was only 36. He has to put up with some major agruements that he does not deserve to be in. The only problem with knowing all of this is how to control it. It seems impossible when the "demon" (that's what I call it) takes over me. The remorse I feel after these fights is overwhelming at times. I have heard of PMDD and only recently starting researching it because I am now missing work...on the verge of being fired...and the thoughts of death have returned. These things only happen for about two weeks before my period and after that I am fine, no mood swings, no pain. I have gone to my gyno and she wants me to start some birthcontrol pills. Well..we'll see how this goes for me...I hope well..I start them this month.

janine's picture

how did the birth control

how did the birth control pills work out for you? they made things worse. those two good weeks almost became nonexistent and were filled with major mood swings and horrible cramps all month long. i then decided to get my hormones tested and have started on some natural hormonal therapy. it seems to be working so far. slowly, yes, but there are improvements.

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trying to keep moving

Sure I've had PMDD since a child. My mother & husband will both attest / agree with this assessment. Many people who know me well (mother included) reccommend I have my thyroid checked. Interestingly when my husband took me to the doctor two years ago. They prescribed an antidepresent which made things so much worse I stopped them after 2 days. (It dropped my blood sugar & I was angrier for no reason than ever). Yet not ONCE, has a doctor tested or asked about my thyroid or checked me for PMDD. It's like they don't even look for it. They say you have x# of kids, your tired, it's winter. Would you like an antidepressant and then write you off. I know when my girlfriend gave me 'natural' progesterone cream it did help a lot!!! I stopped using it because I was worried about it preventing me from getting pregnant & it gave me a rash. :-) Saw a site Beeyoutiful now carries natural pogesterone cream, but I just placed my order for vitamins etc. . . from values driven family so. . . . guess I'll wait a month and hope I can get through this. I think the worst part of pmdd, is not knowing when your cycle is coming. I've had pms/pmdd symptoms now non-stop for two weeks. . . I haven't cycled since Dec 17. This could go on another week, two or three before my body decides to cycle.

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Do i have PMDD? Can someone help me understand it?

Hi im an 18 year old uni student and for the past 7 months or so ive been experiencing what i thought was just really bad pms, then i stumbled across PMDD and im wondering if i have it.

About a year ago i started taking the contraceptive pill microgynon and all was good then it started to go bad. At first it was just crying but now i cry for hours on end because of something silly like someone not saying thank you if i hold a door for them, its affecting my work too as i often cry in work and have to get sent home. As well as the crying i get very angry very quickly and i can go from having a laugh to having a tantrum in a matter of minutes, now im normally okay but last time i kicked a hole in a door! Also i find that the week before im due my period i lose interest in things and i want to spend the day in bed crying or eating as my appitite increases and i feel very very lonely. It annoys me because i know it isnt me but i cant control it no matter how hard i try :( its ruining my life cause i can tell my boyfriends getting fed up with me because he mostly gets it and i feel like i just cant take it anymore! I dont want. the doctor to think im crazy and have to take antidepressants, so can anyone help me?

Thanks :)

Anonymous's picture


I feel so alone with this but ever since May of this year, I've been suffering...It's just like many of you had said: day 14=hell and beyond! I'm constantly sniping at my family and at work and no one seems to want to understand, just want me to "snap out of it"...I'm scared. I'm afraid of doctors but I'd rather die than try to deal with this 2 weeks out of every month

Steph's picture

That's me, alright.

I am 18 years old, and I have always had serious problems with PMS. I don't even have to keep track of my period (though I am pretty regular), because about a week and a half before I get my period, I begin to hate everyone and everything around me. I lash out at even my closest friends and family. I become extremely angry about things that I know don't matter. I get very anxious, depressed, agitated, and many other of the symptoms of PMDD. I feel very lost and alone, the smallest event or comment can make me burst into tears (my moods are very unpredictable and unstable during this time). I have every symptom on every list that I could find on PMDD. I recently dropped out of highschool (this is a long story, but my emotional instability that I now believe is due to PMS or PMDD has played a huge factor) to get my GED and start college early. There is a long history of depression, mental illness, and emotional instability in the women in my family, but I am NOT crazy. I am a very level-headed and intelligent person. I make good choices, except for during this time of the month. I abuse everyone around me, and I feel completely helpless. I can't stand how awful and short-tempered I am to them, but it almost feels beyond my control. My father is extremely against perscription medication, especially anti-depressants, so I don't even know how to approach my parents about this issue. As many others on this site have said, these symptoms desribe me to a T. I always just thought I was super intense. I've (mostly) managed to keep my symptoms thus far to myself. Other than being moody/emotional, missing a lot of school, and keeping myself locked in my room (plus extra door slamming), they don't see much of my struggle with this. I very rarely go to the doctor, but I will tell my mother that I need to go to the doctor about this and I will MAKE my doctor listen.

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my husband left me and I blame PMDD

Since I first started my periods when I was 11 years old they have been very heavy and extremely painful. I would spend the first day in the bed with a bottle of 600 mg IB's and pray I the hurting would stop. My tummy would cramp so bad and tight that I would end up in the bathroom throwing up. I went through this for years. After having children my cramps eased a little, I havent thrown up from cramps in years but my emotional state is so much worse. The week before my period and expecially the day before my period I am like a crazy person. I struggle with depression, anxiety, mood swings, irritablity, fatigue, anger, parinoia. It is really crazy...I feel like the world is against me, like everyones talking about me, overwhelmed, like I'm on the edge about to fall off any minute. I have been married for seven years to a man that is amazing and has put up with this for a long time. With all these emotions and some other medical problems that made sex painful for me I begain to avoid my husband and begain talking to another male. It was nice to pretend that I didnt feel like I did, like I wasnt screwed up, it was nice to talk to him without having to follow through with what I was saying. I knew that if I talked to my husband this way I would have to follow through and its not that I didnt want to be with my husband because I did but it hurt so bad and it was like I was just a big disappointment to him because I couldnt. I put so much space between us and was talking to this other male that I got caught up in it and this other male asked me to send a picture at first I said no but each time he asked I would think why not I'm already a disappointment to my husband and I did like the attention so I ended up sending some pictures of myself. My husband left about the three weeks ago because he couldnt deal with me anymore while he was gone he found out about what I said to this other male and about me sending pictures. I tried to explain to him that I didnt want to be with this other male and that I wouldnt have went further but he doesnt understand. I get why he doesnt but it really hurts. Since he has left my emotions have been all over the place. The day he left (happened to be the day before my period) I completely shorted out and was screaming and threatening him. I said so many things I didnt mean. I dont get why I couldnt control myself. For the most part I have been able to control myself while he has been gone I have said somethings because I was hurt but then a couple days ago I started feeling overwhelmed and couldnt handle my emotions again and I blew up saying and doing things that really upset him. It is one week before my period and each day I feel a little more overwhelmed and on the edge, a little more depressed, a little more angry and I dont know how to stop it. Normally my husband would be supporting me and helping me through these bad days (he was always good about that) but now I have made him so mad at me that he doesnt even want to talk to me. I found out yesterday I am going to have a hysterectomy in a week which is scary because I'm alone. I'm so scared to go through this alone. Everyone tells me to be strong for my children and I am truely trying but it is so hard. I just need him by me and with me. He has been my support for so long, he is the one that I lean on and keeps me going. I dont know how to be me without him anymore and I dont want to. I feel so hopeless. I have thought before this world would be better without me but lately with all the disappointment, hurt, and anger I have caused I really do believe that this world would be better without me. I have signed up for counceling, am going to have this surgery, and am going to start medication for PMDD because I want to be a better person, I want to change and be the wife my husband deserves but what if its too late. I know I was wrong for what I did to my husband and I am to blame but I also blame PMDD.

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My wife struggles with severe PMDD. After consulting with a psychiatrist friend, we tried Luvox, a short acting SSRI. My wife takes it for 7 days. Unlike the other longer lasting SSRI (very long half lives) The Luvox is out of her system in a day. This has literally saved our marrige.

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Thank you so much

Thank you so much for your post. Thanks to your post, I made an appt. with a new ob/gyn doctor right away and had her prescribe for me Luvox to treat my PMDD. I have been taking it for seven days prior to my period for the past three months. And it has saved my life. (I previously had tried Sarafem, a prozac-like antidepressant marketed for women w/PMDD. But I hated the way I felt on it. So, I never wanted to again take an antidepressant every day of the month. This Luvox is perfect. Like you said, b/c it is fast-acting, I can only take it for seven days of the month..I am so grateful for your post..I finally can not have PMDD overrun my life. And God bless you for being such a wonderful, supportive husband to your wife re: her PMDD. Many PMDD sufferers are not as lucky. You are a gem. Thank you again for your post which was truly God-sent to me. It is the miracle that I have prayed for since forever. I suffered with PMDD from age 17 to 43 yrs old.

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You mentioned you took Sarafem and felt worse. I was wondering if I could ask you some more questions about this? Thanks for your time,


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Re Sarafem

Hello Katie, I am so sorry that I am only catching your comment now..Feel free to ask me anything re: Sarafem.

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Its clear to me we need help..what can we do...what has truly helped this without hurting us other ways? PILLS PILLS PILLS thats all they want to do stuff you with lousey pills that mess up more than they fix!! I dont want to live takin pills every day of my life, I could deal however with quick fix relax me ones for a week or at least a few days of my Hell Week!! I got pain pills after c-section that i never took...til hell broke out one time and relized how nice it was to still feel and be functional without the super intense anger and frustration boiling underneth..I break the pill it to fours take one fourth and it works great!! What i got was perkaset i think they need to perscribe valum or some kinda of chill pill we can take in small doses for just the needed days, not daily disfunctional meds!! were fine most of the time!!! Right!!??

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pmdd is hell

I am 24 years old. I went to so many doctors no one will help me cause i am a past drug addict. They don't believe me but i know i have changed i know i have pmdd. I have to take zanax to take some of the horrible problem away i agree with all of you it is like I am in hell. I beg God to help me i have 2 weeks of peace when day 14 of my cycle begins it all breaks out. I have 3 kids and they have to watch this out of me my husband of course cant understand me he is a man so he thinks i am nuts. I keep hearing eat right take antideppresants done all that I want to die those 2 weeks. And when it is over i am so scared cause it will be back so i only have 50% of my life. I can't get any help with this. Will yaz really help me. How can we solve this problem I am beginning to believe i am going to have to give my children away my syptoms are so severe. Please help me someone I can't do this what can i say to get a doc to listen to me. I gained 80 lbs since pmdd began.which i would rather be 1000 lbs than to me so unhappy most of my life. Women should not have to live this way. Please tell me what to do i feel i have to die to end this.

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Hell Week....

Holy shit never thought I would figure out what the hell was wrong with me til now...the only thing I have found to help me is perkaset, not sure if thats spelled right.. the only thing with this is they dont give it to you for pmdd..what I have found is i need some thing i can just take for about a week to just mellow me out and not feel the freak out so much, I was thinkin they need to fork over low doses of valum for hell weeks for women!!! I am lookin more into natural remidies, keep u posted?? I lost it on my assistant manager this week..I need help, yup pretty sure!!! have a good one!!

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My feelings were also struck

My feelings were also struck by Allison's post. I am in my 20's and have no friends, have never had a job, and now I have lost my boyfriend, who I truly loved and wanted to spend my whole life with. I never had any female friends, even online, and my mom never spoke to me, so when it comes to girl issues like PMS I have been clueless. The only thing I knew about periods is that mine were SEVERELY PAINFUL AND DEBILITATING, and the few times I asked other girls (rather, asked my guy friends to ask their girlfriends -_-) none of the women related to me. I just felt alone. And I felt that any moodiness I had surrounding didn't matter, because cramps (I assumed) were the worst thing.

My boyfriend stopped speaking to me after an argument we had last month. Afterward I had felt bad because I knew I didn't mean the things I said, it was just a PMS rage. I made him gifts in apology and such, but... he disappeared from my life completely, he never heard the apology or got my gifts. A few days ago I had a friend of his contact him to ask what happened, and finally I received an email telling me... to leave him ALONE and MOVE ON. I don't even want to look back at it... and I've started to cry again.

Every now and then he would tell me that things I was doing were crazy, he thought I might be bipolar. I knew I'm nothing like bipolar and mostly laughed this off, but I did research it and was able to come back and calmly say "Don't worry, I don't have it!" I have been to psychiatrists before and they knew that didn't fit me at all. But the things he said about me DID make sense, and I started to worry I was crazy too! For example, I get insanely emotional and either sad or furious in arguments, but then afterwards I completely dismiss them. I could be totally hurtful towards him, but afterwards not really remember it. I had told him several times "I didn't mean those things so that's why I can't remember it", so he's come to the conclusion that I am either REALLY crazy or being manipulative. Though I did tell him they were just PMS induced, I should have found some research to show him it really isn't just me, that may have saved us.

Now, broken up with, I'd had enough. I KNEW it was PMS, I KNEW that was why I acted that way, so I started to do research and that's when I found out about PMDD. It fits me to a T, nobody in this world wouldn't diagnose me with it, but I am now keeping a journal to track symptoms in case I ever can see anyone about it. There's a lot I never knew about PMS, I thought symptoms were only a day or two before the period, even though I've wanted to equate mood swings over a week prior. Now I know, and now I'm positive, this is a major thing screwing my life up. I used to say that only about a week of every month is tolerable for me, and that the majority of my life is taken up by suffering because of my periods. Once the mood swings and pain are over, everyone is still wary of me which then legitimately pisses me off because I believe I'm innocent. But never, I never ever knew that the symptoms could be this bad and that I was right about the cause. I had nobody to talk to about this, I just assumed I was in agony for no reason pretty much. Even though I am clearly abnormal, for lack of knowledge I still assumed I was normal. :/

I never notice when I am having PMS, and since finding this all out I have paid very close attention. I can easily identify when my mood swings start and stop now, and believe me I've had a ton of terrible ones these past few days! I do get suicidal thoughts during them that disappear when it's over, but this is another thing that had worried my.. :/ ex-boyfriend... He thought it meant I was mentally unstable and an unsafe person to be around. Which I think most of you would agree is very hurtful to hear. It's not pleasant at all to suddenly want to die!

I could ramble forever, but I just want to add in one more thing. I was on Paxil and Trazodone as a teenager, and they ruined me. I lost my self, identity, and all emotions good and bad. I was also a cocky bastard on them, which was probably the best result, except that it made my few friends hate me. I withdrew cold turkey on my own because nobody warned me not to, and then experienced horrifying withdrawal (painful zaps and all). I am very against anti-depressants and I think that they only disrupt your brain chemistry, causing dysfunction rather than restoring any balance. Paxil overdoses you on serotonin and.. honestly I don't think I had any problem with my brain at all. Putting people on psyche meds without looking into their heads just seems ridiculous to me. It took me several years to feel intelligent and comfortable with myself again after I quit those, so I don't recommend them to ANYBODY, EVER. Really. They made me stupid. Oh, and they definitely didn't stop PMS mood swings. I have had these since the beginning and don't think I ever lost 'em.

Er, also.. um... the mood swings are pretty scary and I feel all sad when I think about it :/ I was trying to do some exercises in my room earlier, then was hit hard and just pulled a blanket half over me, including my head, and cried contemplating whether staying alive is really a good idea or not. It ended, and I didn't want to die again, but... why do I have to feel that way? I swear, it is NOT controllable at the time!

...Ok, ok one more random note - I want a massage chair or something. I feel like that might be kinda calming and comforting during agonizing mood swings...hmmm...

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I think I have been suffering from PMDD for some time. After doing some research I'm finding thats me to a T. About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Anxiety/Panic disorder I've been on medication ever since. I'm allergic to several antidepressants. I feel like I've been living in hell. Over the last year or so I noticed my PMS getting worse. I feel normal for the first part of the month and then as we get into the middle of the month my other personality "The Bitch" as I like to call her comes out. I feel like I'm going crazy. I cry all the time, my feelings are so sensitive, I feel hopeless, I get irritated and take things out on people for no reason. I put my poor husband and my friends through hell every month. I always apologize and I feel so bad because the bitch is not the person I am. Its starting to affect my work 2 weeks before my period I get in this airhead faze. I've been at this company for 8 years and I find that I screw up the littlest thing when I know how to do it. It makes me feel so stupid infront of my co-workers. Bottom line is I want to control this PMDD I no longer want it to control me. I'm just glad there are other people out there that know how I feel. The worst feeling is feeling alone.

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I'm 14 and I think I have PMDD

I went to my doctor a year ago, and told her about my depression, anxiety, fatigue, paranoia, and other symptons. She then told me I was just depressed and gave me ceraquil and later on trazodone. I eventually stopped taking both of the medications because of physical and mental discomfort. I went quite a while having sudden break downs and violent fits because no one diagnosed me with PMDD. A month ago I heard about PMDD on the TV and put two and two together. I then went to get Yaz and it helps, but I still have yet to be diagnosed with PMDD. No one has talked to me about it even though I mentioned it to the physician I've been seeing since the age of 12. They just handed me the prescription and pushed me out of the clinic.
Does this seem right to you?

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Has anyone with PMDD had a hysterectomy? I am thinking seriously about this option. Even though the pain with my periods are bad, the PMS is worse. I am so mean to people and I don't even know how to go about apologizing for it so I just don't. I prayed last night and asked God why I was so mean and this morning I started my period a week early. The funny thing is I am on Effexor for anxiety as it is and have never been diagnosed with PMDD. But I know I have it. I have had extreme PMS since I was a kid and terrible periods. Any advice?

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I have also considered a

I have also considered a hysterectomy for PMDD. It is a very radical approach. I have heard of a doctor in AZ that will do it, but need to investigate. My quality of life is terrible for up to 2 weeks a month. My family suffers greatly and I can't describe the guilt I have. My endocrinologist has diagnosed me. I asked her which doctor I'm supposed to see for this and she told me that the PMDD patients "fall through the cracks". I am a 41 year old student, mother and wife...and everything that goes along with these roles. I would like to know how a hysterectomy has helped/hindered those that have taken this approach. I am concerned about other hormonal side-effects after the hys.

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I understand. I am going in for a hyst, ovaries too as these are the culprits. Before I booked my surgery (in 5 weeks) my gyne did a real great thing that you may want to look into. I have had an injection of Zolodex in my abdomen once a month for the past 6. This puts you into menopause It gives you a chance to see how you would feel after having everything removed as it shuts your ovaries down and no period. If you find your moods are better than you can look at removal. For me, I am 48, I have never felt better. My mid month monster came every month for me whole life and lasts until I get my period. It has so affected my life that although this is a very radical thing to do I feel it is worth it. Keep in mind when you stop the shots you go back to the way you were. It is not permanent. I for the first time in my life am happy for a full month have zero problems. I cannot wait to get rid of it all. The first month came with some hot flashes but they were a small trade off for the depression and anxiety I used to have. I am on 1 mg of estrace for the flashes and joint pain because when you stop producing estrogen your joints will hurt. It is the estrogen in your body that makes you nuts each month. The 1 mg I am taking is a natural estrogen called estrace and is a lot less than the amount your body makes naturally so you do not go crazy. Hope this helps you Paula

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i have been suffering from pmdd since i was 14 years old. i am now 32. i have not been able to go to school, i do not have any friends, my own family thinks i am crazy and they don't understand why i don't just "snap out of it for god's sake! shit, allison, we go through this crap every gd month!" i cannot hold a job because the symptoms last at least 2 weeks out the month, every month. i have tried to commit suicide so many times that it is a miracle i'm alive, or i really did die and am living in some kind of hell world. i have tried natural cures, major detoxifications, eating right and exercising, and have ended up on pharmaceuticals that help with the regular everyday depression of being a loser on disability and the acute loneliness of not being able to have anyone love me because i'm a crazy person 1/2 the time. i hsve horrible scars on my body from some of the attempts and am currently nursing a new one. i hear that women with pmdd are extremely likely to have major depression issues during menopause. i feel hopeless. i thought the only way to solve this problem would be to have my ovaries removed, but am too scared of the artificial hormones i would have to take so i didn't grow a beard or have my tits deflate and look like 2 slices of pizza. how could i possibly handle those hormones when i completely lose my mind when i take any kind of hormonal birth control?! of course, who needs birth control when you are a complete lunatic 1/2 the month. nobody likes that girl. what i don't understand is why i'm not dead. my attempts have not been for show, and no one knows about that part of my life except for the 2 attempts that put me in the hospital. i'm only 5'3'' and weigh 105 lbs. i know the pills i have tried to overdose on would kill a horse. i know the amount and duration of breathing in car exhaust would have killed anybody. there were numerous times that i had to stop breathing in fumes in the sealed up garage, because after about 45 minutes, i would get so damn hot (i live in texas) i would just have to go jump in the pool. i have lost so much blood that i couldn't walk a straight line or drive a vehicle for over 2 weeks because i was so weak and light headed. maybe i am dead and cannot die again. at any rate, i live like the insane crazy ghost of a dead person who only feels human for just a few short days.

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You are not weird and you

You are not weird and you are not alone. I am the same way and can relate to your entire blog. I am 48 and having my ovaries removed in 5 weeks with my uterus. I have done it all and nothing works. Don't you love how they give you the anti depressants as the cure all. What a joke. You will not grow a beard. lol. I am in induced menopause as a trial right now. I have an injection once a month of a drug called zolodex. It shuts down your ovaries. It is like a test to see how you would feel if you had everything removed. If you do not feel better or I should say normal, when you stop the shots you got back to getting your period and everything else that you had prior. The only thing I have had is hot flashes for the first few months, and very bad joint paid. I now take 1 mg of estrace (a more natural estrogen)and has a lower breast cancer rate than those that take nothing. Think of it as a little test to see how you would feel if they did remove all. For the last 6 months I am at last totally free of the monsters that have been with me my whole life. I am 48. I have absolutely no deppression, suicidal thoughts or mood swings. For me it is worth having a quality of life and losing my ovaries. Good luck and maybe give this a try. First find the best gyne in your area. Do not go to a gp.

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I have been there and care, Allison. Fighting with you.

Dear Allison,

First of all, please say out loud, "My real self is beautiful and not crazy. Even now, these are tormenting symptoms of an illness I never chose; it chose me. It is not my fault. I am important and of great value, and I am not going to allow any illness to steal away the life I still can have, as long as I keep fighting with all wisdom from various sources. I am worth it to be gentle and loving and kind with myself. Symptoms of an illness or an illness itself is not equal to me. I am not my illness."

I believe and know this to be true. Since 17 I have a very similar story to yours. I haven't died by the grace of God, but there are days it doesn't feel like grace or mercy to be alive when you are so sick it feels like cruel and unusual punishment, as if tortured wide awake and alive. But better days come.

One big step for my PMDD at 40 is to not let that disorder be another thief to rob any more of the life with a depressive disorder I have agressively fought, too. I have tried to quit, and have the physical scars, too, and feel I shouldn't be alive, either. I understand how it feels to feel like the real you died long ago you wish to claim as really you, and to feel just like a shell left that simply encapsulates an illness now. But that is a feeling, and maybe some more, too, but you are alive, I believe, for a much more fulfilling life still to come and for a reason. I believe you can and will get better.

My big step, not a solve all, but monumentous decision is to take control with surgery next Wed. for a radical hysterectomy. No pain or side effects are permanent, and from the pain we have been through in almost a lifetiime, I believe I can survive with God's help. And I won't take any hormones after, you don't have to and many don't with great success. So many non-harmful ways to manage or cope and successfully deal with any side effects of early menopause are available now. Also, I am looking at ECT, mild, professional shock treatment again if needed. I had it before and for a year it transformed my life and brought life back to me. Also, there are vagus nerve stimulators that can be surgically implanted that with a physician can oversee in an outpatient visit, can cause a similar brief effect of mild ECT treatment to have on a regular basis, maybe weekly that is less invasive than hospitalization for modern day ECT shock treatment. I have lost so much, and since I felt dead, or as if my funeral for the real me should have been around 17 when illness seemed to steal the real me away-----I thought, I deserve to have a qualitiy of life, and no level of hell of any surgery or treatment that is temporary or has some manageable side effects could compare with the hell already lived. If I have felt I am just like a ghost bringing those around me down or causing conflict or confusion and robbing me with my relationships, too, I will and cannot continue living this way and something must be done. And so I am with the help of Jesus. I will pray for your courage to take action for what is meant to help save or bring your life back, Allison. You didn't choose it, and no one dreams this up, and you certainly aren't getting anything out of it, so love yourself in a new way. You are not crazy, just suffering from illness you don't deserve. You can get better. If you like, I will keep you posted on my vaginal surgery, or laproscopic surgery to remove my ovaries, tubes, uterus, and cervix.

I will pray for you. Pray for me, too, if you feel like lifting up a prayer, too. Without Jesus, to me, life on earth and life once we no longer are alive on it has no real value without him. He just can't make our earth into Heaven. Someday, though, in Jesus, all suffering will cease. But, I believe we have to keep on and we can improve and make a difference in joy in this life too. You have a purpose. You already helped me not feel alone. Thanks,

Di Lee

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You have described me to a 'T'

OMG! I can't believe what I'm reading. Literally, you are me. I've even been to 4 doctors telling them I think I have PMDD and they think I'm exaggerating. Did you find anything that works at all? I am o desperate. I have 3 children and that is the only thing stopping me from another suicide attempt but i can't go on like this. I too, feel like I just can't die or have and am living in soe kind of ghost hell. My prayers are with you. no one deserves to exist like this.

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I am so glad to read these

I am so glad to read these posts. I also feel as if I am in hell during those 2 long weeks per month. The raw emotion in the posts shows me this is so real and I am not alone. I am despearte too - I did acupuncture for over a year - at a cost over over 6K, and it took away the rage, but that was it. I stopped after my husband was laid off. When will anyone take this seriously?

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PMDD is miserable but...

Allison, I wish I had a miracle for you, however, I can tell you there must be a reason you are still here. I have had this problem since I was 15 and am now 45 years old. I am on my second marriage which may not last much longer because of the "you could control this if you wanted to" attitude, even though I tried to tell him when we started dating. I just went 3 months w/o a period. After it came, it was one of the worst times I have ever had. The suicidal thoughts were almost unbearable. The only thing I can tell you that gets me through, even though I still struggle is God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Because I am a Christian, I have this stigma that I should be able to overcome anything. This is something I don't know how to overcome and have prayed about for years. It is just something I have to live with. I have been on numerous meds too! What helped (at least for a little while) made me gain weight. Then that was depressing!!! Now, my doctor tells me that if I got a hysterectomy, the hormones I would be on would be regulated, not up and down swings like now, which is the difference between our natural producing hormones and synthetic hormones. It sounds promising, however, the meds to start menopause will do exactly that and the side effects sound terrible. I am afraid to take them because I know my marriage would not make it through. Then I read about this med which starts menopause, but I intend to ask my doctor about is. It is called Zoladex. The blogs I read about it seemed hopeful, if you can believe it. It is supposed to give you some idea how you would be after menopause. Please don't give up. I keep asking God what the reason for this is, but I get no answer. Maybe this is the very reason, to give someone else hope and let them know they are not crazy and there are others out there that suffer the same way. Not that that helps you physically, but sometimes it helps to know someone else has been there. Please keep trying. You may be the person some other woman needs to hear from that you can tell them to keep trying. By the way, God doesn't promise us a perfect life, but peace and hope to get through the trials, and Salvation in Him.

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PMDD is miserable...Yes, but...

To my knowledge, I've been dealing with PMDD for 10 years. In the last two weeks, I accused the man of my dreams of cheating on me because I underestimated the power of PMDD, the power of evil in this world. I attended church last weekend and a woman spoke of sexual abuse in her life. This resonated with me, so I did further research to find out that about "50 to 60 percent of the PMDD women may have sexual or physical abuse histories." There are far more sinister things happening with PMDD, unfortunately, than we know due to lack of more studies. If you're writing on this site, you're on your last string. It would be beneficial for you to explore this option and bring this darkness to light. I've since joined a support group and am working closely with my OB/GYN to find the treatment that works for me. I believe with all my heart that treatments exist to, at least, alleviate the harshness of the symptoms that come with this disease. But, the rest is up to God. He payed the ultimate sacrifice for you and experienced all that you're going through, and more, when He did so. Please consider this.

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OMG i'm not crazy!

Jo, thank you sooooo much for this post. It almost brought me to tears. I have been struggling with "severe" periods for some time now (I have all of the symptoms). I have bouts of uncontrollable anger the week before my period and it has really affected my relationship with my husband. I have been feeling so incredibly guilty for feelings of sadness, anxiety and anger that seem to explode monthly. Most recently, my periods have been so severe that I have been out of it for at least 1-2 days a month. I too am a Christian so naturally my husband can't understand why I can't better handle my emotions. I feel guilty and ashamed of my thoughts and exhausted. Thanks for sharing, I don't feel so "crazy" as my husband amorously puts it. I will continue to pray, but I am also going to make an appointment with my OBGYN so I can get a better handle on this! May God bless and keep you in his perfect peace.

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I am a christian to and i

I am a christian to and i can relate to you. It is hard to go to the church for counseling because they would say it is just an act of will power and it is not. They don't have expertise in this area and i know their opinions will make me feel worse about myself. But the important thing is that God understands and knows why I am like this and knows what i am going through.

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interesting. . .

I was just talking with hubby about the Bible says x. Christians say y. & I feel z. . . .how does it work together. . . beeyoutiful is a christian run organization so is morethanalive. they both have herbal supplements, vitamins etc. . .which might help. I'm tempted to write a letter to Debbi Pearl and see if she has any useful ideas. (She is an older lady with lots of experiance as well as biblical wisdom, raised 5 kids, worked with growing herbs etc. . .until, now one of her daughters has become an 'expert' and handles a lot of the herbs.)

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Debbi Pearl

Did you contact Debbi Pearl? Is she the woman who started the No Greater Joy ministries?

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PMDD is very real and very hard to deal with. I was just recently Diagnosed with PMDD and it is a relief to know that I am not crazy. It took me a long time to seek help from a Dr. because I was embarresed and just assumed that these immense bouts of anger, violence and aggression, would be passed of as just "that time of the month". I became extremely sad during my cycle, ate above and beyond what was needed, felt like I had mono because I was so tired, but it was the uncontrollable anger and outbursts that became unbearable. I wish more people knew about this and knew that there is treatment that works. My family is much happier now that I am treated and no longer become this crazy wild women once a month.

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pmdd crisis

I have the same symptoms. My violent outburst are ouy of conyrol. It only last a few days right before my cycle. I go through every mood there is, but violence, screamimg, and breaking things seem to happen most. My shtink put me on bipolar meds three months ago. They are not working! I'm getting a historectomy. I hope that it helps. I'm at my wits end and am ready to leave my husband and two kids. They dont need to see me all crazed every month, even just for those few days. Any advice??

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pmdd crisis

Please don't give up. Take some time to help you're family understand that this has a medical diagnosis. You're not crazy! At the time you're experiencing these symptoms, it's VERY REAL to you. One thing that has helped me is to record my cycle in a journal. I have a journal and at the top I write "Day 1-Symptoms". (Day 1=first day after period) I write in it every night before I go to bed. It sounds like a pain, but I've been doing it for a while and I saw a pattern. If you know these days are coming, you can prepare: run, DO NOT DRINK alcohol, go to bed early w/ a sleeping pill (I use Unisom OTC). For your family, you need to sit down with them and help them understand. It's not good to be alone if you have PMDD. Above all, without a doubt, my prayer time has brought Freedom from this disease and Peace to my heart beyond anything I can understand or explain. If you don't know what I'm talking about, right now - Google "KLOVE listen online" and I have no doubt you'll find it. Take good care. :)

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What is your treatment? My

What is your treatment?
My life is a mess, I'm a mess, my marraige is breaking rapidly (2 weeks out of the month I don't even care). I don't have health insurance, I can't afford it. I feel like killing myself but I don't have the guts to do it!!