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I am from...

Grace Zhou's picture

Choosing this avatar really reminds me where I am from- Sichuan, China, a place famous for pandas and spicy cuisine. Like what we have done when entering the college, I want to tell you where I'm from. I'm from the bell rings of the rickshas in the narrow and  long alleys; I'm from adorable pandas, from hot-pot and from numerous antiques in history; I'm from brilliant and beautiful poems and literatures thousands years ago. It is the place I was born and grew make me nowadays. Because of the eating habit, I act in a piquant way. Because of the long history, I obey various tradition. Because of the relaxing atmosphere in my city, I like sitting besides the rivers, drinking  tea, and reading some fictions or playing cards with my friends. There's no need to think, no need to worry. No matter where I am going, I know I'm from there, and I am always there. It's rooted in my heritage, my blood, my value, even in my free-well, my soul and future.