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Full Moon Madness: The Search for a Relationship between the Mind and Lunar Cycles

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Full Moon Madness: The Search for a Relationship between the Mind and Lunar Cycles

Caroline Dyar

Friday the 13th is about to roll around. Already a day packed with bogus superstitions, to make this one even worse, it falls on the day of the full moon. Last night my friend wrote me to warn me of the coming emotional madness, ìIt seems like everyone, from the ladies at the bank, to my Mom, to the gate clerks at Glenmore, has been on a critical streak. Anyway, watch out for random comments out of nowhere that seem really mean.... It's just the high degree of tension. My cats have been behaving so strangely this week, seems that the moon has been effecting them as well. Her statement, packed with all the classic stereotypes of the way things change during a full moon, from the human behavioral patterns going awry, right down to a mention of cat fever, must have some logical basis behind it. After all, haven't we all been warned a million times in novels, movies, even on the news, that people act a little funny when the moon is full?

The superstitions about the moon's affect on the animal and human world have existed for centuries. Everyone knows it's not safe to go out on a bright moonlit night (despite the good lighting) for fear of werewolves, or, even worse! an angry waitress or grumpy salesclerk who takes all the emotional energy pent up inside out on whoever first crosses his or her path. These lunar myths are often unconsciously reinforced by people with influence, or fed into by the mass media. When a strange event occurs during the full moon, it is remembered as an event linked to the presence of the full moon and twisted into data that supports the idea of full moon madness instead of being seen as an unrelated event. (2)

Just as the words lunatic and lunacy point to the moon because they are derived from the moon's Latin root, luna, the full moon is always accused of incidents that occur during its phase. (4) Studies have been conducted about the correlation between acts of lunacy (and suicidal attempts) and the phase of the moon, but little connection was found between the two. (2) (3) Fortunately, these studies disproved newspaper reports from 1984 which had heightened people's superstitious nature by mentioning the scientific speculation about the moon's negative influence. (5) Some of the theories on the moon's power almost seem based on factual information; for example, an unscientific work by Arnold L. Lieber entitled How the Moon Affects You introduces the author's "biological tides theory" which explains that the lunar cycles which cause tides in the ocean also cause them in the human body, since the human body is almost 80% water. (1)(8)

One site features are article entitled, "Science says a full moon has no effect on human behavior -- but those on society's frontlines beg to differ." (5) This article explains how scientists have studied the way lunar cycles increase or decrease birth rates, but determined that the gravitational force due to the full moon does not shift greatly when it is a smaller slice of moon, and the small gravity shift that does exist most likely lacks "any effect on the physiology of human beings." (5) A well known study conducted by the late George Abell, an astronomer, investigated the last 10,000 natural (without C-sections) births in LA hospitals and found no correlation between the phase of the Moon and the number of births. (6)

All the tests which stemmed from the faulty assumption that there is increased "abnormality" during the full moon seem to prove there is no correlation. So does this mean that the moon truly does not affect the body and mind? Perhaps instead one should look at the way in which the moon, like it's counterpart, the sun, affects plant life. In 1967, the maximum spring plant growth was found to occur directly after the new moon as well as after the full moon. Another study conducted in 1972 set out to look at the fluctuations in temperatures and growth of seven plant species, but found that there was no correlation between them, instead discovering that a "lunar rhythm" caused bursts in the growth rate of the stem. (7)

Unfortunately, the relationship between plants and the moon is not as interesting as the relationship between humans and the moon. Not unless you're a botanist. But why the association between craziness and the moon? There is not a bit of scientific proof out there that supports peopleís assumptions about this age-old correlation. It is an ancient science that has not been replaced with the newer theories. Although the hypotheses have been disproved, the relationships between the full moon and its stereotypical effects on the Earth remain in place. Since no new hypotheses have been formed to take the old assumptionsí place, people continue to believe in the arcane. Perhaps it would only be fair if the moon had control over something on Earth. After all, the sun is so vital we would all die without it. The moon, however, holds no sway in the scientific prospective of the world, but in peopleís minds, it functions as such a key figure that it would be foolish to say the full moon completely and utterly lacks control over events. Instead of directly studying the moonís influence on the world, the power of common belief should be investigated so that no one forgets that when people feel the same way about something, they creat a large enough mental influence that they can sometimes will the event they imagine into a reality. That may sound way out there, but it is completely possible. I was taught from my birth that if I only believe in myself, I can do anything. Why wouldnít the same be true of a whole group of people believing in universal stereotypes? I know I felt a little spooked when I read my friendís email, immediately thinking that I better be careful in case Iím around when someone loses his or her temper, or I lose my own by accident. You never can tell what will happen when you're just as worried about things going wrong as everyone else is. Instead, a person should just remember to keep on the sunny side of the moon and make sure you enjoy a long, moonlit walk, just as safe as any other night of the lunar phase.


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Comments made prior to 2007

I just read the paper on lunar effects. i am not an educated person, or a scientist; however I am someone who has paid attention to his life.


I don't look for things to happen on a full moon. It actually isn't even on my mind most of the time. However, when something big does ahppen in my life, I go to the calender and see where the full moon falls.


There are many events in my life that have been near the full/ new moons. I don't agree that just because science can't prove that there is a direct effect on human mentall state that it doesn't have anyy effect.


There are many farmers who will tell you how important the full moon is, not just when planting, but also setting fence posts...


I am not sayiing that everytime there is a full moon that people act crazy. I amjust saying that I have witnessed in my life peoples behaviors being so uncharacteristic of them ... Jeff Hutchison, 28 February 2006 



There's nothing quite like a nice walk on a warm moonlit night, is there? The Moon is providing plenty of light, albeit an eerie light. In fact, you feel a little more alert, or even a little more alive. Now ask yourself, "Would I feel this way on a dark moonless night?" Would you feel the same energy? Would you even consider going for a walk? Perhaps, people who are emotionally sensitive, or stressed, or even unstable, are more strongly affected by this energy. Besides, what is moon light, but reflected sun light? And what better energy source is there than sun light? Just something to think about ... Toby Stiles, 1 April 2007


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You people are the lunatics. Moon Madness is fake. I rest my case.

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Pre-Full Moon Madness

I can relate to Kevin (his father) and Janice's son, above, although my energy changes almost immediately after the moon is at it's fullest.
some months are insane the energy is so powerful it just takes over me and even though I can remember every thing I said, it's usually been a 'good' fallout, i.e., stopped working abruptly for someone who I didn't want to work for and it's always filled with not-so-pleasant words....
After 17 years, my wife understands that I get strange or crazy before the full moon. Sometimes a day or two before and the peak of my strange energy is just before the moon starts waning. Can the alignment of the stars at the time of full moon have different effects?
I was born 9 hours & 21 minutes just after the full moon. I would like to understand this more as it seems to affect many people and Science rejects it....they just recently recognized 'chi' as 'real energy' whereas the Chinese have known and benefited from it's understanding for thousands of years......I would like to understand it more although my attitude is that 'it's just Mother Nature' and all I can do is be a witness.....although if I know ahead of time then I'm prepared and can keep my cool.......Good luck & best wishes to everyone else visiting this path.

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My Emotions and My Body is abnormal

I agree that the moon does have an affect on the mind and body. I've experience this in several occasions. I was a customer service manager and there were days when my staff would complain about the high volume of phone calls and they are all upset customers. I would always look to see if it's a day with a full moon or new moon. 95% of the time, it was.

I decided to post today because I woke up this morning and my head did not feel right and my stomach didn't feel right either. It still doesn't. It's not a headache. It hurts in a strange way and feels out of balance. I occasionally feel this way waking up. When I try to figure out why I feel the way I do, I find that it's yet again a full moon. I have no doubt that the moon has some sort of affect on me. I don't look for the full moon or new moon. I only care to look when everything around me and inside of me feels off.

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full moon madness

My dad gets affected by the full moon, he gets cross when its full moon, and sometimes i think he says things to me or someone else that he didnt want to. And you cant really talk to him for 3 days.

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I DEFINITELY am affected by

I DEFINITELY am affected by the full moon and it is divine - it has happened too many times for me to even doubt it anymore - feeling more energised and alive and creative - it begins 2 days before full moon - always the same - feel amazing all day and then notice the full moon later and all becomes clear - not once have I known prior, am not creating this a la self fulfilling prophecy or whatever - would love to hear from others affected in this way.

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heyy i feel the same way everytime the moon is out and it is full i act and feel diffrent and everyones knows it to idk y it jus happeness can u help me figure out y it happenes

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full moon crabby effect

This full moon stuff is true! I think I have had issues with full moons for longer than I care to acknowledge. It effects me personally in a negative nature. I find that I get lonely. Moody. I am more apt to say something hurtful. If I drink alcohol I am more apt to be a jerk.definitely don't sleep well. Today I woke up snapped at my best friend. Felt increadably lonely. Tried prayer which usually changes my mood immediately not so much today. I am a cancer by the way.stress tends to make the full moon worse. Oh well figured I'd post for all who were Intrested. I did read somewhere that there are frequencies put off by the moon that cause these effects. Who knows. All I can say is I didn't know it was a full moon all day till my 10 year old told me wow dad look how big and bright the moon is tonight. Oh by the way it also effects how my kids get along. My daughter is a Sagittarius. Son born in June forgot what sign that is.
Sweet dreams!

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i feel the same

I feel as if im at one with the earth, energized, at peace. Its werid how other people feel this way, its just a full moon but the feeling it gives off is some what abnormal, i enjoy full moons for they make me feel full of good emotions and for some odd reason a sense of a spiritual future, i have dreams that connect with these feelings also

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full moon

bright moon light makes me feel alive...I don't want to be inside...even in the winter, it just feels too good to be out in the moonlight...I feel filled with restless energy, creative energy, happy, relaxed, free! maybe I'm a!

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how i feel about the full moon

i dont know why but every time thare is a full moon it inpacts me .. i feel good and grate anergy hit me .. i feel at peace . im12 and i dont care if people call me crazzy but thats how i feel .

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I feel the same

I feel the same

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You're TOTALLY NOT crazy!

Hahaha, i agree with you, it's impact on your body makes you feel full on with thoughts and relaxation, i'm 12 and a half too, and i do not find u crazy at all. What you are saying is the truth, many people have these feelings during a full moon : energetic, HIGH!, crazy, happy, hypo, aggresive (linked to werewolves), depression.... many emotions grow over the human body during a full moon. In fact, the giant moon is staring at me right now, and i feel really happy, high and excited (for no reason?) hahaha i'm random, anyway the point is, you are not crazy, people may think you are, but in fact, they may get the same type of emotions XD :D :D hope i helped! ------------> Alpha Wolf Lily <------------

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i feel warm and connected with earth and God

I feel like everything is possible when the moon is full. I feel connected to my creator and feel so comfortable with it. I wonder why it causes this effect on me.

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I don't know why or how, but I know that it isn't the sight or knowledge of the full moon that makes everyone act insane. I always know when there is a full moon coming because my drive to/from work is markedly more dangerous. Surely not everyone on the road keeps up with the status of the moon? I don't even bother looking at it except on the rare occasion I notice the high level of pulled-over vehicles and wrecks while going home. Same route to work for four years, you know when something is making that day different, and every time I get cut off three or four times, pass two wrecks, and see blue lights all in one 30-minute trip to work... yeah, I'm sorry... "science" is a joke when you cut out common sense.

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I think jamesrmcmillan is right.

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I can feel the earth spinning a little off its axis..

I can feel the earth spinning a little off its axis every now then. Ill be sitting very still either reading or watching tv and for a slight second Ill feel off balanced mostly in my shoulders and top of my head. Sounds strange? Anyone out there agree that you too have experienced this. P.s...I do have all my marbles dont I?

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full Harvest Moon

I have been energized by the full moon every month all my life - in a positive way - never stressful. I am wakeful at night and have extra mental and physical energy during the day. This present full moon (10/21/10) awakened me at 2 AM. There was a sense of energy in my thoughts and mood. I almost expected to see benficent fairy dust dancing in the moonlight on my bedroom floor! I got up and realized that the crushing fatigue, depression and pain I'd been experiencing non-stop for a month was gone.I have an autoimmune disease that has driven me to specialists and many tests lately, because I can barely walk or think. I have been missing work because it is too overwhelming to push through a day. But last night and all day today, I have been feeling WONDERFUL!

The mind/body connection is a powerful force that can influence disease or wellness. The moon's pull on tides and all plant and animal fluids is manifest as it goes through it's phases. Others report being irritable and stressed, but I feel happy, lightened, and active. I never expected it to pull me out of the miserable chronic and progressive illness I've been in. This is the worst in 20 years - but the moon liberated me from it, if only for a few days! If we could reproduce this effect to treat medical and psychological conditions, it would be HUGE!

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treating medical/pyschological conditions

Harvest Moon, your last sentence reflects my feelings exactly. I have been wondering how to harness this positive (once a month!) effect so that it might balance out the depressed or flat feeling I often have the rest of the month...if only! Someone, somehow somewhere there might be a path through this shadowy world I experience as life...

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Trouble with Full Moons

I've always been a very prescient being and have always had a strong psychic sensibility, which is why I became a follower of horoscopes at the young age of 12. On a related note, I've been going through a really difficult pattern the past 12 months, and I'm starting to feel as though I'm cursed, which is something I typically don't believe in. But everything that I've attempted to achieve in the past 12 months has failed, especially in business. I know the market is tough, but I'm a headhunter and I work even harder when the market is sour, and it seems as though every deal that seemed to be certain, completely disintegrated for various reasons, which has caused me major hardships.

I've read a few postings online of people like myself who have problems with full moons, but there doesn't seem to any rationale for why these things occur, and I'm pretty certain I'm not a vampire LOL. Just today, I was expecting good news regarding a business project, but I was abruptly dismissed from the project today.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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thats crazy i think u do have a curse i think u should go 2 a phycic and ask if she can help u brake the curse

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i know what u mean when its

i know what u mean when its full then hair grows all over my body, my teeth bcome bigger, and i rip outta my close and run around the woods and eat humans. It has to be the full moon, right? please dont judge me or something bad might happen to u.

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full moon experiences

I also experience many of the 'symptoms' listed in the above posts. I cannot sleep just before, on, or just after a full moon....even in a room with blackout shades. My body feels more activated, and my decision-making process becomes altered a bit. I am a very chill person and when the moon comes around, I am more impulsive and irrational. Sometimes the effects are more intense than others. This may sound bizarre, but I frequently wonder if there is a correlation between astrological signs and the moon. I have a hypothesis that the water signs are primarily the ones who experience this. I'm a Cancer. What are your signs?

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I absolutely agree
I am a Scorpio and am quite in tune (when I work it!)
The night of the full moon I was on such a buzz! Loved it :) whereas the week before I was on a major downer and I do not use this term lighty but that week I was severely depressed - full moon and boom! Happy and dare I say it high on life!!

I want to and plan to investigate this further it just gets annoying when certain individuals look at you like you are loopy if you even ask them what starsign they are!
Yet they make such a big deal about their birthdays?? Go figure!

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moved by the Full moon

Hi I have been feeling a huge amount of tension over the last couple of days,ending in a meltdown last night.The sky is clear tonight and now I see that it is just past full moon - looking at the calendar I see that it was at it's fullest at 11 am today, not long after the 'meltdown'.
Trying to remember when I had the last meltdown,I flicked through my diary and worked out that it was round the time of the full moon two months ago. Admittedly I am someone who is sensitive and suffers from stress, but why is it that things are so much worse for me around full moon? I am going to continue to track this to see if there really is a pattern.

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moon affecting the mind.

What I'm wondering is: do you think the potential energy from the moon affects the neurons in our mind?

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I believe that many women

I believe that many women have their periods about the same time around the full moon. Some one told me this years agao and now if most of the time when I have my period the moon will be coming up to full. I also have problems sleeping when its a full moon.

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i know

that happens to me also :/

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Hmmm... now that you mention

Hmmm... now that you mention it, my period just ended last night, and it's a full moon tonight. Also, my cats tend to want to switch from indoors to outdoors at rapid rates (which drives my mother crazy), but today I've let them in/out about 3 times, and my mother about 4, in less than an hour and a half. I will have to look into this and see if they act any more out of the ordinary...

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Curiously, a lunar phase

Curiously, a lunar phase effect has been firmly established in financial activity. Since 2003, numerous academic papers have been published on lunar phase, with most support a lunar phase influence. Stock markets around the world tend to rise on a new moon and fall on a full moon. This information can be used to trade profitably.

It is not a question whether the moon and sun influence the markets, but to what extent.

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the moon has a magnetic

the moon has a magnetic energy that affects everything from ocean tides to women's menstral cycles. this is fact. let's take it a step further. the firing of neurons in the brain is an example of electrical activity. electricity is affected by magnetic energy. this is basic science. at the very least there is a scientific possiblity of a correlation between the phases of the moon and reactions in the brain. the author is all about scientific data, how did she not address this at all.

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The term Lunatic is derived

The term Lunatic is derived from the word Lunar (Moon).

Simply put; Hormonal reactions to increased positive ions in the air (Full Moon Effect) cause hyperactivity, depression, violent behavior, road rage, higher occurrences of migraines and asthma. Even bees are known to sting without provocation on higher positive ion ratios.

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I would have to say i am a lunatic, i love the moon,
I have Bipolar so my mood seem to always change, but is like the moon i think the moon rotates around the Earth Pulling a
different force upon us related to it position.

when i look at the full moon i feel lighter and not so weighted down, there are many other as to the lunatic theories, it make people change, for the better if i say.

it is the only way of truly assessing our basic human instincts.

let me ask you a question, you must answer it, what do you think the world would be like without the moon?

how would it affect people? if there where any people at all? could it be that the whole of the existence of life is
is meanly the spoon mixing the icing of earth?

ill give you another thing to think about, if the moon has the power to pick up a massive chunk of ocean to create the tides, does that not prove of the moons power.

the people feel the energy of the moon, and to a person who truly explores her nature it can become somewhat like a drug, now we all now that when you take marijuana it is not you, it is a different version of you, a different state of mind. the moon does the same thing, the moon is a drug, ask any lunatic,

not I'm not sure but it does sound plausible that the Term Lunatic Is related to a tick that feeds blood.

Luna is the power, and the ticks will feast from this power?
are you not hungry for the moons power it casts upon you?
if you are then you are a lunatic.

people do not always realize of this change, as most have blocked out for more important thing, such as, driving to work, visiting the family and shopping what ever you would like to name it, but the ones who understand this change
are the ones having all the fun. HA HA HA.

now this it not the peoples fault, but the government know that of the moons power, why do you think they travel to the moon.

why do you think they sell parts of the moon to the people with all the money?

ill let you be the judge of that.

but i fear that the worst could be coming soon.

please use the power of the moon to your advantage it is a gift form her to you, use it while you can, for whatever reasons you please, i worship the moon. do you?

Thank you for learning.

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full moon strange things happen

hey on a full moon strange things happen to me...for startes my hearing becomes much..much better .....belive it or not secondly i can run faster and thirdly i become stronger and it only happends on a full moon when im going on a mates think im crazy but i know what i feel...i remember a few months ago i was running and i was looking up at the moon and i got distracted and ran into a parked car and i put huge a dent in it.... and i wasnt even running that fast...only jogging...the dent was so bad the door wouldnt even open and the window shatterd in the process...
please leave me a comment if u guys have any questions about anything else i go through coz those 3 things are just the least of it.....

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Attraction to the Full Moon

I am very attracted to the full moon, to the point where it was almost dangerous. About a year ago I sold my car for financial reasons. But while i was still driving there were several months over a period of about 10 years where, driving down the road on a full moon night, I'd have a tough time keeping my eyes on the road - instead of gazing intently at the moon. I used to be afraid I'd lose control of my car. Last night, 12/31/09, there was a full moon and I went into meditation early in the evening like I've done fairly steadily for the better part of the past 12 years. It was a very powerful and meaningful meditation. (Used to meditate during new and full moons, but the full moon occasions were so much more powerful, I stopped meditating when the moon was new. Didn't find out until just a few minutes ago today, 1/1/10, that last night was a Blue Moon. Several years ago I was in meditation during both Blue Moons that year - which is somewhat of a rare occasion. Once I stayed in the meditative state for more than 2 hours - even taking a bathroom break - and still not coming out of the state. On the other Blue Moon occasion that year, while meditating, I nearly levitated. It was kind of scary, but still a very thrilling experience. A friend of mine has had a near-levitation experience also. I'm glad that I found this website because it's always nice to hear the experiences of "like spirits", and very validating.

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i can definitely feel the effects of the full moon, but it has nothing to do with tides. when the moon is full, its gravitational effect is not any stronger, so that can't be why it affects us. it is about the amount of illumination, which does have a strong effect on humans.

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Full moon and blood pressure

During full moon I observed myself lazy and uncontrollable and my blood pressure goes up.even without knowing the day I feel weird and I can tell full moon is near. My medicine can not controlled blood pressure during that 3 days.


Anonymous's picture

and full moon madness

june 1,2009 I have worked in the grocerery business for 11 years,(it's a super chain super busy all of the time).,But I have noticed that about once a month there's twice as many customers all day long, i mean one right after the other,it feels like they won't stop coming.then outside they drive crazy in the parking lot,and drive crazy on the roads and freeways and I have noticed that it's a "FULL MOON" every time.I have been keeping track of this once amonth for 11 years,and yes to my knowledge a "FULL MOON" does have some kind of an affect on human behavier and the world around us.{so theres my two cents worth,Or should I say "theres my 11years worth"}?

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Full Moon

I am Attracted to the full moon. when i see the full moon its like i go into a trace, it like hypnotizes me or something an when i look at it i cant stop gazing at it. im drawn to the full moon an it feels as if theirs a fourse pulling me toward the moon

Marie Enea's picture

My obsession with the moon

Although my question on "WHY" I am so drawn to the moon seems to be a lot of theory, I have yet to actually find facts. I too am attracted to the moon, or should I say obsessed with it. Staring at it for sometimes hours off and on, not to mention my obsession with photographing it. I would have to say the difference between my attraction and most is that although it does seem to draw me towards it, it seems to have a major calming effect on me. It makes me happy/happier. I feel at peace. Alive. It does seem to keep me up a little more on nights when it's fuller, but concidering I am a night person in many ways anyway, I wouldn't say it's drastic. More that I just don't want to stop gazing at it. And of course, being that I love summer nights anyway, I could sleep so peacefully out under the moon and stars! Anyone else experience the more tranquil effect? BTW...for those looking for astological studies, I am Aries, but only by an hour and 24 minutes from Picies. So I am literally on the cusp. I would love to hear any input on Why it seems to effect me differently than most.

Isabella's picture

I know exactly what you mean!

I feel the same exact way! Your the first person ive ever heard that the moon does this to other then me! Sometimes i feel like i cant stop staring and sometimes i feel like if i dont stop something bad will happen. I feel weird saying this but i feel like the moon has this Power over me and it feels good! It pulls me in like you said. I just wish i had a meaning for it but i dont understand? What else weird has happened to you?

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Full Moon

The full moon efects me so bad I should be locked up when its the full moon, I dont look for it, but I know when its full moon just by what happens to my body and mind, I have physical efects as well as mental efects.

I am a 46 year old lady, im calm, kind, relaxed and loving but when its the full moon my body hair grows at an alarming rate, I get hair in places that I dont normally, my teeth become very sharp, my right eye twitches, I become fidgety, I get a tension build up and then I totaly loose controll of who I am, I become vicious and nasty, the complete oposite of who I normally am.

I am living proof that people are effected by the moon, some more than others.

Anonymous's picture

Hi, I was wondering if you

Hi, I was wondering if you have ever found out a name for what it is you have as I know someone with the exact same symptoms and would like to know if there is a medical term for it. Thanks

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there is a theory of

there is a theory of astrology, that planetary events can effect different characteristics of things

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full moon

My mother was a psychiatric nurse in a mental hospital in the UK prior to the second world war. (that's prior to 1939 from the European prospective).

Most of the hospitals at that time had been built in the Victorian era and had bars on /over the windows.
It was mandatory at that time, before the war, that the barred windows had to be
locked in the week prior to the full moon, (standing orders so to speak)

It was only after the war when sedating drugs were available that the orders to
secure the widow bars at this time was relinquished


Makenzie's picture

Because the full moon

Because the full moon effects water,and humans are made of mostly water,the full moon can effect humans.

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there is a theory of

there is a theory of astrology, that planetary events can effect different characteristics of things.

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I have heard about the

I have heard about the "tides in the body" theory and I think that's plausible, since your mood and behavior are dictated by chemical reactions in your body. I also think that maybe we're getting extra sunlight, which also tends to affect people either positively or negatively. Maybe this light isn't full of UV but maybe it's bluish white color and added intensity could have behavioral effects, like certain colors and lighting are known to have... sunlight entering your eyes reaches your hypothalamus, which operates the glands that control your blood pressure and your moods, and also makes your body create vitamin D, which increases white blood cells, which increases the oxygen levels in your blood, giving you energy; at night your pupils dilate, letting in more moonlight, so maybe your hypothalamus gets a little filtered sunlight and you react differently... just my theory.
My mother works with elderly people, and she says every time she works the night shift on a full moon the residents with dementia act delusional and walk around naked, looking for their dead cats or relatives, talk to people who aren't there, get paranoid, etc.

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full moon effects

even though science has been unable to confirm that the full moon has effect on humans every month for 5 days my 5 yr old son's behaviour changes and this is always when there is a full moon, he goes completly off the planet very uncontrollable and hystrical and then after the 5 days ( 2 days before the full moon the full moon nite and 2 days after) he's back to normal so i strongly belive that the full moon does have effects on humans

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My son is the same as yours,

My son is the same as yours, He is 9 years old now and becomes uncontrollable and axtremely violent on a full moon and although not as bad but he changes on a new moon too, I can see the build up happening 2 days before then a couple of days after a new or full moon its like nothing ever happened and he is back to normal for a couple of weeks, He also has trouble getting to sleep on full and new moons,has nightmares and sweats like you wouldn't believe when he does gets to asleep, Is there anything you know of that can help with this??

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full moons

i had the same problem as ur son...i sweat like theres no tomorrow when i fall asleep on a full and new moons...i went to a Chinese Naturopath to see if there was any medican to stop me from being uncontrollable and to stop sweating and there is this thing called whui chea...its a kind of tea the helps with relaxing your body from stress...

p.s i hope this helps you