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Notes Towards Day 19 (Tues, Nov. 8): On Talking With Others


I. Today we welcome Jennifer Redmond, CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Director
of the Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education in Canaday's Special
Collections, who's come to share with us what she knows about gathering "oral history."

II. Coursekeeping (15 minutes)
cf'ing RSVPs: how diverse is our participant pool for Friday's workshop?
let's list on the board: how many students/faculty/staff are attending?
how many 1st/2nd/3rd/4th year?
how many administrative and support staff?
how many science/social science/humanities faculty?
(interesting reifying of categories here!
a return to day 1: what are the "classifications" that matter?)

there is no reading assigned for Thursday,
when we will have three shared tasks,
in our two shared sites of research:

preparing for our on-campus workshop on Friday,
for the interviews you'll be conducting Friday-Sunday,
and for our visit from Parkway students next Tuesday.

different writing schedule this week: nothing due Friday night,
because you will be conducting three (20-30 minute) on-campus interviews this weekend.

"Notes towards Paper #10" are due by classtime Tuesday (Nov. 15):
please fill out and clarify the "raw notes" from your interviews, and send
these to your writing group and Jody or Anne.

make two on-line postings by 8 p.m. on Sunday: one in our on-going
diablog w/ Parkway, and one describing what you learned from our on-campus
workshop, including what questions you left with.

questions about tasks, assignments, etc??

working to prepare ourselves for the
task of interviewing others on campus (15 minutes)
(in last week's 3-way writing groups):
* brain-storm the questions you want to ask
* one of you interview another, w/
the third person observing & giving feedback

IV. return to the large group (last 10 minutes):
what worked? what needs working on?

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