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A variety of white? black? yellow? Was I color-blind?

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I’ve never understood the variety of Whites or Caucasian as you may point out. In Malaysia, the media often portrays a single type of White, the privilege one. There’s no such thing as poor whites, Latinos or a Jewish background. As long as you have white skin, you are considered “Guai Loi” which means ghost guy or white person. My experience at Bryn Mawr has taught me otherwise. A lot of my close Jewish friends taught me that Jews have been through a lot to get to where they are now. One of my most memorable lectures that I saw my Jewish friends fall into tears was a speech by Norman Finkelstein’s “How to Resolve the Israel-Palestine Conflict”. As a fellow Malaysian who indirectly supports Palestine based it’s cruel history, seeing my Jewish friends blamed for being Jews was quite heartbreaking. I can never understand the true power dynamics that was involve. I find it quite interesting how a significant number of Jewish people I know come from hardworking families but are also blamed for their cruelty towards the Palestinians. I can see some form of grudge sometimes through silence. This will forever remain a sensitive topic at least in my circle of ‘diverse’ friends.



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So are you suggesting that while the media portray white people as monolithic, Jews are white people who are nevertheless different from other white people? 

I think I hear you saying that the conflict between Jews and Palestinians is confusing because both groups are "different" in the sense that they've "been through a lot" - is that right?  You begin with sympathies for Palestine, then develop sympathy for Jewish friends.  Might it be that finding in oneself sympathy for both opposing groups provides a clue to moving beyond the binaries so central to local and global conflict?