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Meditative Moments: Reverie in Taft Garden

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Meditative Moments

"We do not see things as they are, but as we are" - Anais Nin

Taft garden, a space where the affinity for peace and serenity is palpable, is a perfect environment to explore representation. This image is one exploration of representation of the garden and experiencing the garden itself will be an exploration of the representation and the reflection of my-self. In this image, the tree branches enveloping everything under them, the sunlight peeking through, and the small blue fountain are the foreground of the image. This image reflects security sufficient for vulnerability (tree branches), trust adequate for release and surrender of the emotions driven by fear, doubt, criticism, and guilt (sunlight), and faith in evolution (the flow of the water fountain).  The background of this image is the world that lies beyond the walls surrounding Taft including the Bryn Mawr Campus and the rest of the world. The boundaries and edges of this image - its four finite corners and sides shutting from view the infinite remaining portion of the garden are similar to the boundaries of the mind. Depending upon the mind, the perception of this image will be colored by the transforming mind – allowing for a new and different experience every time this image is viewed.  My personal goal with this site is to push myself to the edge with respect to the boundaries of the mind - to what extent can I release them? To what extent can I set myself free? To what extent will I be lost? While visiting this site, I wish to be aware of my surroundings, willing to let go, open to life, and commence the healing process.



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Locating the Psyche

It is a way to trace our emotional progression through a landscape by connecting particular feelings to specific physical locations or entities penetrating those locations.  I like the openness in your suggestion that the viewer who comes to respond to the image, (or the garden itself ), may see and experience it differently at different moments. It is sometimes helpful (as you have done here)  to locate oneself within a structured and boundaried environment in order to seek out a psychic edge.

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Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Nan! I am certainly seeking a psychic edge!