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Final Presentation

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Main idea: A genre does not on affect the classification of texts but also the way it in published and later analyzed by an audience.

What is a genre? According to the Oxford English Dictionary it is a kind, a sort or style but this course has taught me about multiple ways to think of genre and question the definition I just provided.

Slide 2& 3: Genres in general: With genres anything goes! This term can apply to both the text we are reading and the platform it’s being published in. The meaning of the term genre is constantly evolving and we determine which genre/category/where to assign to a text based on the way we analyze it.

Slide 4 : What has struck me the most is the evolvement of how we as readers obtain our information. The content does not change, what changes is the way we perceive it, gain a better understanding or not. Nowadays, we have multiple ways of obtaining our readings(what is considered traditional), the bound pieces of paper, the electronic reader and the computer etc. From personal experiences, I prefer reading from a book because it is my experience with an object, flipping the pages, not depending if my laptop or reader is charged in order to enjoy leisurely reading. Reading from a computer screen makes my eyes tired (I’m sure I’m not the only one) quicker and I end up skimming through the text and not being able to fully understand the entire text, I end up remembering portions of it.

 Slide 5: The way texts are published The process of writing an essay or a novel is not easy or glamorous and is affected by the medium we chose to publish it in. Thanks to outlets like Serendip it much easier to publish and revise. As a writer, everyone is cyberspace can read your work and comment on it, the process of publishing never ends because the space online is always open for feedback.

Slide 6: Graphic Novels Reading graphic novels as a maturing reader, I learned to appreciate the relationship between the text and the drawings. Contrary to this comic strip on the screen, drawing is not the easy way out of spending a great amount of time writing a novel, I believe it may take longer to do so. The difference between this comic strip and others we have read is that text is not inside bubbles. It is essential for the illustrations to convey specific emotions that the text might not be able to showcase.

Slide 7: In order to understand and immerse ourselves in studying genre we must be open to challenging our opinions because the definition of genre is still uncertain. I don’t have the precise definition and I will not have it anytime soon.