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Me, myself and I

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I noticed in class that everyone's movie version of The Orchid Thief  emerged from their own personalities.  I am the most ironic romantic - a story for another time - and consequently, my movie was a love story.  I was thrilled by the idea that a writer searching for the 'facts' who seems really down to earth, who claims she isn't passionate, etc. totally falls in love with LaRoche.  Even when I read the book, I kept waiting for something to happen between them - it was killing me.  So my movie was a love story of a mismatched couple.

KT prefaced her movie with "we need something to draw people in."  KT worked in marketing; therefore she was most concerned about making something that would sell.


Anne told us that her movie is "very word based."  She took one quote from the book and made it her first scene.  Then she based her other scenes off of other quotes from the book she had picked out.  No wonder Anne wanted to preserve the book's message as much as possible - she's an English teacher.


Froggie blatantly stated that she was going to make Florida as grungy as possible because she hated Florida.  She also created a scene in which LaRoche was driving a very beat up car and Orlean was sitting next to him looking terrified.  To me, this scene is a symbol of LaRoche's life.  He is focused on one thing and he doesn't care about anything else pretty much (this is what Froggie likes about him; his drive to live life SO fully even if it's a little erratic), and his life alarms other people.  I think Froggie glorified LaRoche in this scene because that's what she thinks of him.


EGrummer focused on representing Orlean as a writer; this is in parallel that EGrummer aspires to be a writer.


I'm curious to see how the other movies match up to their creators' personalities