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It's a Wonderful Afterlife

About the Film
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With nods to Frank Capra, ghost stories, murder mysteries, and screwball comedies, Gurinder Chadha whips up an irreverent caper about the pressures on Indian women to tie the knot. Set in West London (Bend It Like Beckham territory), the film centers on Mrs. Sethi, a doting Punjabi mother obsessively seeking a suitor for her appealing, but (heaven forbid!) rapidly aging, daughter, Roopie. When a string of curious murders involving poisonous curries and chapati dough begins to rattle the neighborhood, things really start to heat up. As detectives and ghosts trample through the Sethi household, Roopie’s love life gets an injection of excitement, too. Nothing in this supernatural escapade is, as it seems as spicy truths unspool and fate takes its madcap course.

A top-notch cast, including celebrated Indian actress Shabana Azmi, sexy Sendhil Ramamurthy, and a zany Sally Hawkins, breathe life into Chadha’s clever tale about appreciating what’s right under our noses—with a little help from the Hereafter

— Caroline Libresco, Sundance Film Festival

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London, England, UK
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Director Gurinder Chadha's sister Parminder Chadha has written and performed "Madhaniyan Nikkiye", one of the songs in the movie, which is a feminist reworking of a Punjabi classic.
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South Asian
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Gurinder Chadha, Paul Mayeda Berges
Gurinder Chadha
Dick Pope
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Shabana Azmi, Goldy Notay, Sendhi Ramamurthy, Sally Hawkins
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Icon Film Distribution and Hanway Films
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Streaming (Netflix or other online sites)

World Premiere-Sundance Film Festival

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Bringing forth a comedic effort to explain the difficulties of most mothers who try to find their daughters the perfect spouse. Willing to do anything for her daughter, and I mean anything—(Shabana Azmi) Mrs. Sethi, the mother of Roopi Sethi played by Goldy Notay, known as the ‘Curry Killer’ for reasons apparent in the film will show her dedication to her daughters happiness. This film thrives at delivering a humorous story as well as fortifying a deeper meaning about the importance family as the film develops. Coming at you with another notable film the director of "Bend It Like Beckham" makes her film come to life with some traditional Bollywood sounds. Join Roopi as she journeys in her quest for love.