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Leftover thoughts

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Near the end of class today, Michaela's comment prompted a discussion of the importance of getting to know our fellow 360ers better. This followed an ongoing discussion about assumptions. While I've been thinking about constructive ways in which we can learn more about each other and where we come from (and, unfortunately, gotten nowhere) that's not what I want to discuss here. During today's talk the word "deserve" was flying around in terms of what we as a class "deserve to know" about our classmates. However, what I want to know is what we deserve to share. Personally, I would love for you all to know a little bit about me (particularly the aspects of my background and current situation that may challenge some common "white/middle class" assumptions (!)) However, I lack the knowledge of what the proper time/space/way is to share these things. Maybe we can brainstorm about that, because I think it's an important step in our class becoming as tight-knit as it has to potential to be. But, with this post, I wanted to make the distinction that I try and think less as though I deserve to know about others and more that I would really appreciate if others knew more about me. 

It's just a small step but I think I'll take a whack as this getting to know each other thing. So, here are two things you probably don't know about me: I love cantaloupe juice and I'm a first generation college student. Nice to meet you!



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In the interest of sharing:

In the interest of sharing: I've been to jail for a weekend.  I was 17 and was held for "incorrigibility" for running away grom home.  I was released when my father came and signed paperwork stating that I was corrigible enough(?) to be released into his custody.  Years later, the facility I was held in was investigated for fraud.  It turns out that many of the kids who were being held there were sent there by a judge who was getting kickbacks from the owners.

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Would you guys want to have a

Would you guys want to have a lunch and/or dinner just focused on getting to know eachother? I think it would be interesting to share aspects of our lives both heavy and trivial that others might not know about, particularly because we are having so many intense discussions in class.  I agree with you, HSBurke, that this should be about people wanting to share, not wanting about others to divulge.

Something you guys probably don't know about me: I never graduated from high school.  I dropped out and got my GED instead.

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I'd actually love to come to

I'd actually love to come to a dinner like this.  Would you all be ok with that?  I feel like I know so little about ya'll.

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You are always welcome here!

You are always welcome here!

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You must know, I smiled SO

You must know, I smiled SO widely when I read that last sentence of yours. Wow. I would love a get to know you dinner. I'm thinking it would be great to do that in a non-dining hall (read: noisy) and more welcoming setting. That would seriously be awesome!

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Yes, I agree, dinner with

Yes, I agree, dinner with class people would be great! I started to write about myself, but felt kind of weird and didn't know what was important/interesting to share/not share but I like the idea of an in-person-getting-to-know-my-classmates-meal!

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I would've never guessed you

I would've never guessed you were a first generation college student! I talk to you all the time and I can't believe I didn't know this! I feel really comforted knowing that there are students out there who are probably experiencing the same things I'm going through as I try to survive college. Thanks for sharing!