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To laugh or cry? Hurricane Mentality

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In light of this recent weather event, I have been reflecting on the tragic v comic duality we discussed some classes ago. Many I know attended hurricane "parties" or had mini campouts in their rooms with friends to ride out the storm. Is this a tragic or comic reaction? Were they grouping together in the unlikely event that we all met our untimely demise, to band together in a time of crisis (in the tragic view)? Or was it a comic impulse to make the most of a free night off school and make light of the potential severity of the storm? I am inclined to think the latter, but this meterological tradegy caused the impulse. Do most people find that they have comic reactions to tragic events? Alison Bechdel certainly did, when she was aware of the death of her father. Is this normal? What reaction did you have to the storm? Panic? Calm? What did you notice about other or group behavior in the light of potential injury or death? 



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I have to say I was a little

I have to say I was a little agitated during the hurricane, especially after the power went out. When my HA gathered everyone, I grabbed a box of cereal that I thought was shared and stated eating! I learn from wellness class that what I did was anxious eating. Eating does help to calm me down, but it certainly was not the healthiest way. I think having mini campouts or sleepovers are better ways to coupe with our anxieties. Not only are they great events for building friendships, but also are they effective ways to make people feel safer as a group.