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Teacher Stories

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Brain Drops

Brain Drops 

In both the Brain and Behavior and Science and a Sense of Place Institute, I developed a new way of thinking in my quest to engage my students in science. In B&B, I created a WebQuest that will electronically guide teachers to incorporate their own stories of facilitating student science engagement into a frame that is non-threatening (and can be) anonymous. I will use fictional stories at the start and then as teachers submit actual accounts of successful practice; I’ll weave those stories into the WebQuest. Teachers can be learning from and/or adding to the stories.  In Science and a Sense of Place I was interested in the idea of helping my students to think about their place in science. I will use a prompt think sheet to elicit recall of past science experiences. I teach a population that is typically resistant to science and math and often think that they “can’t do science”. In a similar method as used with teachers, I plan to use the WebQuest that I created for students to have them not only chronicle their stories of science experiences but also to reflect and determine what types of science teaching are the best to engage them. I plan to photograph my students engaged in science learning and record their voices to match the text of the story. I want to offer teachers a drop-in session that will not only garner their stories but a chance for me to get invited to their classroom to record their students in action. I will use both Bryn Mawr institute grants to purchase a digital video camera or a good digital camera and microphones to record the stories of both students and teachers. I believe this ‘sandwich’ of two parties who are sometimes locked in a battle of opposite goals, could be very interesting and rewarding. I am planning to eventually seek a doctorate in education and see this project as an initial jump into educational research. Thanks! 






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Curriculum Proposal

I plan to document students stories and science experiences using research information about the history of quilt making and the sites they will visit outside their communities. Quilting is part of African American History and is a way of paying homage to their experiences. I thought it would be appropriate to continue the tradition using photographs iin the place of fabric.. The quilts I have observed each had a story to tell about a place and time about that individuals life. Quilting is universal, it gives a visual form to milestones in and out the community, to its heros, triumphs and challenges. The $200.00 stipend will be used to purchase a digital camera and other materials to record a photographic quilt project. Some of the places the students will visit are the Marina at Penns Landing, Philadelphia Art Museum, Freedom Theater, Kelly Drive, China Town and The Painted Bride Theater. The students will research questions about the buildings and areas they will visit, make comparisons, and record observations from the past and present. Finally, the students will write poetry, essays or reports about their new experiences and research about their Sense Of Place. This quilt will be displayed in the main hallway show case . The stories will be shared and discussed by all who enters the school.

Materials needed:

!.Digital Camera $140.00

2.25 clear folders 15.00

3.Press Board 40.00

4.Rub on Letters 20.00

5.Borders 20.00


Total $235.00