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Generating Student Brain-Based Learning (My Summer 08 Work)

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Connecting to student learning, we know that students shuffle into our classrooms with only their cognitive unconscious in operation. Students will often immediately fall into to a set of operational behaviors. Get out notebook…copy anything on the whiteboard…raise hand…say usual responses…etc.

Knowing the behavior of the cognitive unconscious how can teachers both wake up students’ I-Function and initiate student learning?

Constructing Science

When the teacher begins to operate a set of unpredictable behaviors including such things as acting in a different manner, moving oddly around the room, or speaking in a different sounding voice; the students’ I-Function will be revived. Engaging the student to participate in a set of learning Modalities, will generate learning.

.Using Discrepant Events ( will definitely wake up the I-Functions of the students. At this point the information may be added to their cognitive unconscious but not necessarily learned.

Project Based Assessment as a method of Brain Based Learning.   (Click for PT Game)



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